Is EA really looking for buyers?

Is EA really looking for buyers?

The world of video games is changing very fast. In addition to new technologies, such as streaming and subscription services, one of the turning points of this industry appears to be acquisitions. In recent years, in fact, more and more development studios and publishers have been acquired by big names in the technology sector and the next acquisition could concern one of the giants of this industry, or EA. According to a report by Kotaku, in fact, the publisher and developer of Redwood seems to be interested in being bought or merged with some entertainment player (and not only), but is this really the case?

As always, we remind you that the information contained in this article are only hypotheses and rumors. It is not yet certain that Electronic Arts decides to go on sale. Any official information will arrive, as usual, from the parties involved.

Apex Legends Season 13
There are a couple of factors to consider when it comes to EA and obviously acquisitions. The first concerns financial sustainability: now the world of video games is an expensive world, which requires every single entity considerable investments to stay afloat and very often the money is raised by investors who in the end, if the company is listed on the stock exchange, it becomes an aggressive takeover resulting in a merger or purchase. The second, on the other hand, relates to the possibility of expanding the market: a company like Disney, not very prolific in video games, could see the purchase of an important player as an opportunity to enter a decidedly strong industry that has become, over the course of years, bigger than cinema and music.

An insight into the video game industry
Unlike twenty years ago, the The video game industry is no longer studded with micro realities, far from it. A recent infographic released on Reddit and that you can find a little higher up shows how behind the big names there are parent companies and real giants with many development studios, distributors, publishers and communication agencies. A scenario that will inevitably lead to the creation of a market very similar to that of large financial holding companies. And it is precisely in this scenario why EA, despite being a real giant, could decide to take a step further and obtain even more stability and above all tranquility in an industry that changes quickly and that no longer guarantees safety. of the past.

Now, however, we are curious to know your opinion: could the publisher of Apex Legends, Star Wars games and sports titles really get bought? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment on this news.

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