Internal SSDs for PS5 | The fastest of 2022

Internal SSDs for PS5 | The fastest of 2022

From September 2021 PS5 supports the addition of internal SSDs, hardware components that are able to extend the internal storage memory so that you can have more space for your video games. There are many SSDs compatible with PS5 on the market, but in this guide we will only show you a list of the fastest SSDs for PS5. In order to install SSDs on PS5, some additional steps are required, but even in this case we have prepared a complete reference guide and video guide where we explain everything in detail. It is a really simple procedure, which requires a bit of dexterity but not that you have a degree in electronic engineering.

The memory you are going to install will become a real internal memory of the PS5 and that the console will recognize just like it does with the original core memory. Unlike an external memory, where we remember you can only and exclusively store your games but not launch and play them, an internal SSD allows you to instantly play an installed game without having to first move it to the console memory (since it is already inside). The SSDs we have selected for the PS5 are the fastest on the market. What does this mean? It means that they have a high reading and writing speed, higher than that of the PS5 base memory. In practice, your games will be installed even faster, the loading times will disappear and the performance of each game will be significantly higher.

According to Sony's directives, it is advisable to install SSDs that have a minimum reading of about 5,500 megabytes per second, but in this guide we will analyze much faster devices and naturally compatible with the Sony system. Before we get started with our recommendations for the fastest SSDs for PS5, here's an overview of all our SSD guides. If you want to get a better idea of ​​the products available, consult: best external SSDs for PS5, cheap SSDs for PS5 and internal M.2 SSDs for PS5.

Internal SSDs for PS5, the fastest

Samsung 980 PRO, the cheapest Sabrent Rock 4 Plus, the best value for money Western Digital Black SN850, the gaming optimized Seagate FireCuda 530, the newest Patriot Viper VP4300, the fastest of all How to choose a Fast internal SSD for PS5 (Official requirements)

Samsung 980 PRO, the cheapest

Let's start with a solution that can read up to 7000MB / s, and does it for a really cheap amount. Samsung 980 PRO is certainly one of the most tempting solutions among the SSDs for PS5, and not just for the faster ones. The lack of a heatsink, which can be purchased separately for a few tens of euros without problems, makes the hardware one of the most affordable on the market, and all without penalizing in any way the very fast reading potential. Attention, if you take this product make sure you also buy a compatible heatsink to avoid unwanted overheating.

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Sabrent Rocket 4 PLUS, the best price-quality

PS5 fast internal SSDs The next product to be analyzed is the Sabrent Rocket 4 PLUS, a cut designed by Sabrent which can reach up to 7000 MB / s reading and 6600 MB / s writing, well beyond the minimum threshold recommended by Sony for internal SDDs for PS5. The hardware is designed with the latest 4th generation NVMe technology, and features advanced features such as the high quality CNC aluminum cooling system, a heatsink specifically designed to maximize cooling performance while simultaneously simplifying installation. hardware inside the PS5. In short, the Sabrent Rocket 4 PLUS SSD is designed for intense workloads, which is why it allows you to play in comfort by taking advantage of the technological innovations of next-gen PS5 games. And it's all sold at a very affordable price for the performance it offers - a bargain!

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Western Digital Black SN850, the optimized for gaming

Western Digital is a hallmark for gaming related products and certainly could not miss this guide on the fastest SSDs for PS5. The WD Black SN850 SSD is one of the best on the market, complete with an integrated heatsink, and with a reading speed of up to 7000 MB / s. The Heatsink architecture of this hardware is capable of minimizing overheating, always maintaining maximum performance without technical problems. This internal SSD also uses next-gen PCIe Gen4 technology, which is useful for improving gaming performance.

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Seagate FireCuda 530, the newest

We finally increase the speed to 7300 MB / s reading with the Seagate FireCuda 530, a fast SSD of latest generation officially supported by Sony. Integrated heatsink, lots of memory cuts and one of the cheapest: think that with just over € 150 you can take home the hardware with 500 GB of storage. The Seagate FireCuda 530 also comes with a 5-year warranty included with your purchase, and up to 3-year Rescue Data Recovery Service to recover your data in the event of a malfunction.

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Patriot Viper VP4300, the fastest of all

We arrive to the true champion of speed: Patriot Viper VP4300, the fastest SSD for PS5. The hardware is able to make any game loading almost nil thanks to its reading speed which is around 7400 MB / s. The VP4300 also has an integrated heatsink perfectly suited to the PS5 internal slot, but unlike the others it is equipped with 2 low-profile thermal screens. If you just want the fastest device on the market in your PS5, Patriot Memory gives you the right product.

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Other Fast SSDs for PS5

With this guide we have tried to scour the web for the fastest SSDs currently available for PS5. The market, however, evolves quickly and something can always escape, so if you want to take a look with your eyes we leave you the link to the dedicated page of Amazon with all the SSDs available for PS5.

How to choose internal SSDs compatible with PS5

Internal SSDs are necessary to expand the storage space of your console and can be installed on both the PS5 version with disk and digital. Especially in this second case, sooner or later you will need to keep your video games without necessarily uninstalling them from the internal memory of the platform every time you need to make space to install the new titles you buy. Or, more simply, you may need a lot of space to store video captures and screenshots of your games on the console, as well as a little more space for your saves.

In addition to the normal precautions that we reserve for you in every buying guide to choose the best internal SSDs that are right for you, we would like to bring you the official PS5 pre-requisites, very specific directives that Sony has taken care to publish to help its users to proper installation of internal SSDs. Be sure to abide by Sony's rules when you decide to buy the best fast SSDs for your PS5 otherwise you may end up with unpleasant surprises.

Official Sony requirements

These are the official specifications released by Sony that should be considered before purchasing.

Interface: SSD NVMe M.2 (Key M) supported by PCI-Express Gen4x4 Storage memory: 250 GB - 4 TB Supported sizes: 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280, 22110 Dimensions including heat dissipation mechanism: Width up to 25 mm Length: 30/40/60/80/110 mm Depth: up to 11.25 mm (up to 8.0 mm from above the board , up to 2.45mm from under the card) Sequential read speed: 5,500MB / s or higher recommended Socket type Socket: 3 (Key M)

Read speed

Read speed, indicated in MegaByte per second (MB / s) determines how long games running on PS5 take in uploads, but also in t transfer of data. The higher the reading speed, the shorter the loading times. As you can read from the previous paragraph, Sony recommends internal SSDs with a minimum reading speed of 5500 MB / s, but in this guide we have reported products that travel at speeds that run around 7000 MB / s, useful for even faster performance. . So if you want to buy a fast SSD on PS5, choose products with that speed to reset any loading and make any operation extremely smoother. If, on the other hand, you want the fastest device on the market, the Patriot shown in this guide reaches 7400 MB / s, an absurd speed. If you have one of the 4K TVs recommended in our article, try playing Horizon: Forbidden West with such an SSD, you will be truly amazed at the difference with the basic PS5 one!


The solutions that we have shown you in this guide respect all Sony indications, especially as regards the dimensions. In particular, we must take into account the millimeters of thickness indicated by Sony (you can find them just above) even when it comes to buying heatsinks compatible with SSDs. The heatsink, which works just like that of a PC, is necessary to avoid overheating caused by the internal memory. Every computer has one, and the PS5 itself already has one. It is therefore necessary to install one together with the internal memory that you are going to insert. Why am I telling you this? Why Not all PS5-compatible internal SSDs have a built-in heatsink. By purchasing an SSD without a heatsink you will certainly save a little bit, but then you will still have to take a separate one that is compatible and that overall respects the dimensions indicated by Sony.

Our advice, unless you find a substantial offer that you allows you to save a lot by taking SSD and heatsink separate, is to buy them integrated so as to save time and effort since a heatsink not integrated with an SSD also requires additional mounting steps.

Price and Brand

In the first months in which Sony had made available the functionality for adding memory in the special slot present in each PS5, buying an internal SSD from one brand rather than another made a lot of difference on the price. The Patriots and the Seagates reached quite high prices, compared to a Samsung, even while remaining in the same memory slot. Now the situation is somewhat balanced and we can formulate price ranges that go hand in hand with the memory needs.

If you are looking for a fast internal SSD for PS5 on 500 GB, the right price for a such a device should be around 100 euros. A little less for the cheapest and a little more for the SSDs that go beyond the speed of 7000 MB / s, but they are a handful of additional euros more than justified. If, on the other hand, you want a fast 1 TB internal SSD for PS5 you need to get around 150 - 170 euros. Here, too, the price range is given by the speed change. Finally, if you want the fastest and most capacious PS5 SSD on the market (2 TB - 4 TB) you will have to spend well over 300 euros. Clearly this is a very high figure, but if you have a digital PS5 and love to keep your games archived it is a fairly reasonable price, if considered as an investment for the future.

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