Hippocrates | game and medicine in ancient Greece: the review

Hippocrates | game and medicine in ancient Greece: the review

Hippocrates | game and medicine in ancient Greece

Hippocrates, published in Italy by Cranio Creations, is a German-style competitive game that brings the first medical school in history to the table. In Hippocrates, players, from 1 to 4 starting at the age of fourteen, will take over a group of curators in an era where science-based medicine was taking its first uncertain steps. By eradicating diseases and attracting new doctors, they will have to gain as much prestige as possible so that they can become the sole heirs of Hippocrates. Taking care not to lose control of the situation and, with it, patients and collaborators.

The product

As usual, before going into the details of the game , let's take a quick look at the components of the game. The first thing we find is the regulation: sixteen pages in all, overall it allows you to start playing with a certain ease. However, we would like to point out that some passages are not completely immediate and that their full understanding will in fact only take place during the first game. Below we find the scoreboard. From a qualitative point of view, nothing to say: the cardboard is of quality and conveys a welcome sensation of solidity. The graphic aspect is also well cared for. From the ergonomic point of view we must instead "complain" of the too generous dimensions of the dashboard, also due to a portion which, in fact, is purely graphic and will never be involved in any moment of the game (unless we want to use it as a "warehouse" for components to be used later). It follows that in order to comfortably start the game it will be necessary to have ample space (also because, as we will see shortly, this demand will increase during the game).

Hippocrates | game and medicine in ancient Greece

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Hippocrates | game and medicine in ancient Greece

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