GTX 1630 in sight, Nvidia finally renews the low-end

GTX 1630 in sight, Nvidia finally renews the low-end

GTX 1630 in sight

Despite the continuous improvement of the last few weeks, the video card market has not yet returned to health and one of the sectors where the scarcity of cards has made itself felt more and the low end, where in recent months AMD has presented several solutions (more or less good) intended for the entry level range and OEMs. Although the RX 6500 and RX 6400 have not exactly broken into the hearts of enthusiasts, they are still among the very few modern cards on the market to cover the price range below € 300, while as regards Nvidia the cheapest proposal has been for a long time the RTX 3050, which was just over € 400; those who wanted to spend less had to settle for products with 3 or more years on their shoulders, such as the GTX 1050 Ti or the 16 series cards such as the GTX 1650, which in any case often amounted to around € 300.

The GTX 1050 TI is still offered by Nvidia as an economic solution However, it seems that the situation is about to change: according to rumors, Nvidia is in fact about to launch the GTX 1630, which will replace the GTX 1050 Ti. From a technical point of view, the GTX 1630 will be based on TU117 chip (Turing architecture) with 512 CUDA cores and a maximum frequency of 1.8GHz, combined with 4GB of GDDR6 memory at 12Gbps; like the other entry level solutions, the TDP should reach the 75 Watts offered by the PCIe slot, so as not to have the need for auxiliary power supply through the classic 8-pin connector. It is also likely that, following what has been done in the past with other cards of the “30” series such as the gt1030 or the gt 730, this new GTX 1630 could also be presented in low profile format for compact PCs.| ); }
A low profile 1650 from Zotac As it is easy to guess, Nvidia's new card will not be an exciting product, but simply a low-end refresh where Nvidia has stood still for over 3 years, while AMD has presented two RDNA2-based solutions that, despite low performance, still support the latest technologies in both hardware and software and represent a convincing and reasonably cheap alternative to years old products currently offered in the medium and low range by Nvidia, such as the GTX 1660 and GTX 1650.

At the moment it is not known when the new video card will arrive on the market and in what mode, although rumors indicate May 31 as a possible announcement date. Nvidia could decide to sell the card to the public right away, or follow in the footsteps of AMD which delivered its RX 6500 and RX 6400 giving priority to OEMs, before starting distribution for everyone. There are no indications on the price either, but it is reasonable to expect (given the specifications and the market range) a placement similar to the RX 6400, therefore around € 150.

Rumor: NVIDIA could unveil a GeForce GTX 1630 this month

The GTX 1630, a graphics card targeting the underserved low-end market, may arrive very soon. In the past, we have seen graphics cards such as the GT 730 and GT 1030, but the truth is that these are now fairly outdated options. 

NVIDIA quit the low-end market for a period of time when GPU costs rose. The business announced the RTX 3050 graphics card in January of this year, fourteen months after the initial Ampere models were introduced. Nonetheless, with an introductory price of $249 USD, this model is still out of reach for the majority of gamers. AMD debuted the Radeon RX 6500XT and RX 6400 cards roughly simultaneously about a month ago, creating an issue for NVIDIA in the low-end GPU market. The reds recently started a marketing campaign that compares the value of the AMD Radeon RX 6000 to that of the GeForce RTX 30, GTX 16/10. According to the reds, the AMD Radeon RX 6000 is cheaper and performs better than the GeForce RTX 30, GTX 16/10.

However, it is also true that the pricing difference between AMD and NVIDIA on the low-end market is substantial, especially when you consider that these cards were not meant for intensive ray tracing gameplay.According to the leak, the GeForce GTX 1630 will replace the GTX 1050 Ti and will likely cost less than 190 USD (current GTX 1650 price). Currently, the GTX 1630's specifications are unknown, however it is anticipated to have a TU117 (Turing) GPU with a power consumption of less than 75 W and GDDR6 memory.

The GTX 1650 is available in five variants, including the GPU-based TU106, TU116, and TU117, as well as a SUPER model. However, not all of these cards are accessible everywhere, and the same approach may be utilized with the GTX 1630. This is the second time we've heard about the GTX 1630, and from what we can see, it appears that it will be released shortly, either by the end of this month or in June.

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