Dryers | The best of 2022

Dryers | The best of 2022

There are numerous household appliances that can help complete daily chores and among these are dryers, whose job is to dry wet clothes, after having them washed perhaps by an excellent washing machine. In this regard, before taking care of the dryers, we take the opportunity to remind you that we also have a guide dedicated to the best washing machines.

Read also: Washing machines | The best of 2022 As anticipated, owning a dryer inside your home, whether it is inside a closet or garage, means saving time and effort during the drying phase of clothes, at the cost of a very reasonable energy consumption. , as long as you rely on efficient and modern solutions. As you may have guessed, the purpose of this article is just that, that is to list what are, in our opinion, the best dryers you can buy right now, as well as future ones, since we will keep the article updated periodically in order to guarantee that you can always buy the latest models.

However, the advantages of a good dryer are not limited to drying clothes, but to avoid having to iron them and, above all, to remove any bacteria that may remain attached even after washing or creep in when they are going to lay out in the open air. That said, the time has come to find out which are the best dryers, and then learn, in the second part of the article, what are the main factors to take into consideration when buying.

The best dryers

Miele TSH 783 WP EcoSpeed ​​AEG ProTex Optisense T8DBE851 Hisense DHGE901 Candy Smart CSO4 H7A1DE-S Hoover H-DRY 500 Samsung Ai Control Optimal Dry DV90T5240TW / S3 Electrolux EW9H297DY

Miele TSH 783 WP EcoSpeed ​​

We could not start the list of the best dryers without mentioning a model from Miele, a well-known German brand expert in the production of household appliances. Expensive to the point of exceeding the € 1,000 threshold, and not a little, the Miele TSH 783 WP EcoSpeed ​​is undoubtedly one of the best dryers on the market. Obviously, with this model perfect and delicate drying is absolutely guaranteed, as is the low noise level, which reaches a maximum of 64dB, a threshold that, for many other less famous solutions, is equivalent to the average. In addition, thanks to special filters and the heat exchanger, you can almost forget about maintenance, while the energy consumption is among the lowest in its category. In addition, this specific model reveals the residual moisture and adjusts the drying duration of your garments accordingly. In short, if you can afford to spend a similar amount for a dryer, the choice can only be the Miele TSH 783 WP EcoSpeed.


AEG ProTex Optisense T8DBE851

Another dryer capable of meeting the most complex needs is the AEG ProTex Optisense T8DBE851. To take it home you need an important figure but much lower than that of the previous model. Obviously, energy efficiency is at the highest levels, as is the drying phase, which relies on AbsoluteCare technology, which allows garments to be dried with the typical delicacy of flat drying. In addition, the operating system it enjoys will be able to regulate the drying cycle based on the load, reducing time, wear and electricity consumption. In short, a model that can be compared to the previous one, despite costing about half, and is perfect for those who usually wash fabrics of all kinds.


Hisense DHGE901

If we lower the price threshold, without sacrificing drying functionality and quality, the Hisense DHGE901 is one of the dryers that should be considered by those looking for an advanced solution without exceeding certain thresholds of price. In this case, in fact, it takes on average less than € 500 to take this dryer home, which boasts a load capacity of 9kg and a beautiful control panel with LED display. This specific model also boasts the innovative Hisense patented bidirectional drying system, designed to keep even the largest garments soft, thus facilitating any ironing. Moreover, it will be very easy to clean, thanks to the filter placed directly on the door of the dryer.


Candy Smart CSO4 H7A1DE-S

The Candy Smart CSO4 H7A1DE-S is probably the ideal dryer for those who intend to spend as little as possible, but without sacrificing quality, at least not that relating to the drying phase which, of course, remains the most important factor for any dryer. At the expense of lower energy efficiency than previous models, this model has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which will allow you to control it remotely. Its 7kg basket also makes it perfect for small families, and there is no shortage of faster washing programs, useful for finishing the cycle in just 30 minutes. Finally, its compact dimensions of 60 x 46.5 x 85cm will ensure that you can place it in the most comfortable places for you.


Hoover H-DRY 500

Another smart model worth considering is the Hoover DXW4H7A1TCEX-01, which supports both Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. Like the previous model, its slim design will allow you to position it in the desired point with extreme ease, while the 7kg load capacity will be enough to dry the clothes of a family of 5 people. Obviously, there are numerous washing programs, including the so-called "easy ironing", which automatically adjusts the spin cycle to an adequate number of revolutions to obtain impeccable laundry without the need for ironing. Also of note is the innovative material that surrounds the outside of the basket, which dampens vibrations and noise peaks.


Samsung Ai Control Optimal Dry DV90T5240TW / S3

If you have several smart devices scattered around your home and you control them via the SmartThings app Samsung, then the Ai Control Optimal Dry DV90T5240TW / S3 is a tumble dryer that you should keep in high regard. It is not the cheapest, but it is probably the one that has the best smart functions which, in addition to allowing you to control it remotely, will allow you to receive advice on washing cycles, especially after the dryer has understood what your needs are. In addition, thanks to this intelligent system, you will receive notifications on programming and problem solving, suggesting the operations to be performed, avoiding calling for assistance and saving precious time. In short, this is another solution suitable for those who want to obtain perfect and wrinkle-free laundry.


Electrolux EW9H297DY

Generic photos . The Electrolux EW9H297DY is another dryer that will guarantee you perfect results, no matter what the fabric of your clothes is. Silk blouses, warm wool sweaters and padded jackets will not be a problem for this appliance with advanced features and technologies. Among the various, we mention the CycloneCare System which, through a spiral system, will ensure that the clothes are dried gently, reaching even the most difficult points such as pockets and seams. Furthermore, this model can connect to your home internet network with all the resulting benefits. You can control it remotely via the app and receive suggestions on how to take full advantage of the numerous programs.


How to choose the dryer

Now that we know which are the best dryers on the market, it's time to know the factors that determine whether a specific dryer is right for you or not, as well as the features and functionality it must have to ensure that you can achieve perfect drying, regardless of the type of fabric or amount of clothing you need to dry.

Drum Capacity

The first specification to consider when buying a tumble dryer is the capacity of the drum. If you live alone or live with your partner, in fact, buying a dryer with a 10kg drum means going against an unnecessary expense, since, obviously, models that boast a large drum tend to cost more. Similarly, if you need to dry numerous clothes, it would be inappropriate to evaluate a model with a very low drum capacity. That said, below we have reported the recommended load capacity depending on the family unit:

1-2 people -> 5 / 6kg 3-4 people -> 7 / 8kg 5 or more people -> 9 / 10kg


Unless you are willing to go against high energy consumption, the efficiency and, consequently, the consumption of the dryer are very important, and that's why our advice is that to consider a Class A certified model. Obviously, the latter cost more, but the initial investment will be recovered in the medium / long term, given that the difference in consumption, in terms of kWh, between a Class A model and a Class D model could prove to be important in the 'span of a year. In this regard, we have compiled a series of data below that could help you understand what the impact of a dryer weighing only 6kg will be based on the energy label. Before analyzing the data, it is necessary to know that the calculations are carried out according to parameters established by the EU, taking into account 160 standard drying cycles, both at full and half load. As it is easy to guess, this means that consumption will not be the same for everyone, since a lot depends on the way in which the appliance is used. In any case, the values ​​below should correspond to a fairly normal use of the dryer, giving you a fairly accurate idea of ​​the electricity cost.

A +++ -> Less than 141 kWh / year A ++ -> Among 141 and 187 kWh / year A + -> Between 188 and 264 kWh / year A -> Between 247 and 381 kWh / year B -> Between 382 and 445 kWh / year C -> Between 446 and 498 kWh / year D -> Over 499 kWh / year If you want to have an even more precise measurement of the electricity consumption of a dryer, we have compiled additional data, but this time taking into account the consumption for each cycle, always calculated on the basis of the efficiency class. Obviously, also in this case you have to take into account that the final consumption will depend very much on your contract stipulated with the electricity supply company. We have based ourselves on a cost equal to 20 euro cents for each kWh and the results are as follows:

A +++ -> Less than 1.5 kWh A ++ -> 1.5 kWh A -> 2 kWh B -> 3 kWh C -> 4 kWh D -> From 5 kWh

Programs and performances

Almost all dryers have the most important programs, but if you have to dry specific and delicate fabrics, it would be advisable to take consider the model that integrates the largest number of programs, which in high-end models can be even more than 14. Furthermore, it is important to know what the performance of the dryer is, an aspect that is difficult to understand until you try it. Fortunately, the energy label could answer many of your questions, as it displays information on the noise and duration of the drying cycle, as well as the energy rating.

Occasionally, modern dryers are equipped with smart functions, accessible via mobile devices, which you can use as a control panel to start and stop drying cycles, plan times, adjust various settings and even receive alerts if there are maintenance problems, for example when it is internal mechanical parts need to be cleaned or to solve more serious problems more easily.

In terms of features, many dryers have heat and humidity sensors to indicate when the drying cycle has run its course. These sensors can save you on the cost of energy, since the appliance will finish the cycle as soon as the laundry is completely dry and not when the timer expires. In addition to saving money on your bill, this feature will also ruin your clothes less, extending their life. In addition, the temperature and humidity sensors can also prevent drying. In fact, no one likes to hear the tumble dry's end-of-cycle sound only to find that their clothes are still wet.

Some dryers also include features to help keep clothes wrinkle-free, such as steam mode or a function that will turn off the heating phase of the dryer while the drum continues to rotate, preventing, as mentioned, clothes from coming out with many wrinkles and creases after washing.

Smart functions

How you know, smart features have also arrived on dryers. However, we believe that these do not necessarily have to be present, unless you want to control the dryer remotely. For the same price, in fact, a model equipped with smart functionality tends to offer a lower drying quality than a traditional model, whose development costs are concentrated more on the most important components of the dryer. The situation is different, however, if the dryer is equipped with artificial intelligence, which will allow it to independently choose the most suitable mode based on the type of load and optimize efficiency, as well as giving you tips on maintenance.

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