Demon Slayer, psycoromi's Daki cosplay is seductive and edgy

Demon Slayer, psycoromi's Daki cosplay is seductive and edgy

Demon Slayer

Daki is certainly the character that has most struck the imagination of fans of the last season of the Demon Slayer anime, as demonstrated by this beautiful psycoromi cosplay, which represents in a very effective way his seductive side, as well as the more cutting one, so to speak. .

Probably what fascinated Daki the most is his dramatic story, which allows us to understand the true nature of the character. Even his relationship with his brother must have fascinated the fans, given all the implications that characterize him and the contrast between the two, which is smoothed out in the season finale. Of course, we must avoid any hypocrisy: Daki is also endowed with a disturbing beauty, even if lethal.

The psycoromi cosplayer tries to capture all these aspects not only by reproducing the features of Daki, but also by interpreting her by trying to regain its spirit , where it is possible to do it with a very powerful demon who has already killed hundreds of human beings to feed on it.

For the rest we remind you that the third season of Demon Slayer is coming, which will continue the adventures of Tanjiro Kamado, his sister Nezuko and all the other characters that gravitate around him.

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Demon Slayer Cosplay Pays Tribute to One of Its Scariest Moms

Mother's Day might have passed, but the holiday lives on for cosplayers who are finishing up their summer looks this year. For some, they've leaned into anime all-stars like Inko Midoriya or Gine to celebrate the holiday, but others are paying tribute to more unsavory mamas on the air. So of course, it was just a matter of time before one cosplayer decided to give Demon Slayer and one of its worst moms a cosplay redo.

The update comes courtesy of Kellthy Cosplay (kellybatissta) as you can see below. The cosplayer decided it was time to do a tribute to the anime, and in light of Mother's Day earlier this month, their pick was easy. They decided to bring the Spider Demon clan's mom to life, and their take is spot-on from Demon Slayer.

Dressed in an ornate white robe, the cosplay comes together with its fine details. The fan can be found wearing red ankle bracelets as well as a chunky necklace. Complete with painted nails, the demon mother has their hair styled just as it is found in the Demon Slayer anime. And of course, the demon's face makeup required attention to detail given all its markings.

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Demon Slayer season one painted a horrifying picture when the Spider Demon clan was introduced, but as it went on, fans learned just how tragic this mother's life was. Forced into the family, the mom welcomed death when Tanjiro offered it with his blade, and fans still admire the character to this day despite their wicked nature. So if you would like to see more cosplay projects from Kellthy Cosplay, you can follow them over on Instagram here. 

What do you think about this demonic cosplay? Are there any Demon Slayer villains out there you'd consider cosplaying? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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