Brace yourself, the right to abortion is in danger

Brace yourself, the right to abortion is in danger

Brace yourself

According to some of the most authoritative voices of Italian and international public opinion, it seems that in the Western world there is a slow but inexorable advance of the so-called woke culture, that is, of that social, cultural and political movement attentive to the sensitivity of the communities up to this moment considered a minority.

In recent weeks Federico Rampini's latest book, Suicidio Occidentale, which among other things analyzes the causes and consequences of the so-called p olitically correct: "In elite universities, with tuition fees of 70,000 dollars a year, academic power practices a totalitarian conformism that embraces radical causes", Rampini told Corriere della Sera, also blaming the "sexophobic and neo-puritan feminism of #MeToo". Aldo Cazzullo confirms this in his column of letters in which, responding to a reader, relaunches the theories of Rampini who: "thinks that the West is weakening in comparison with Putin's Russia and Xi's China, also because it is divided inside, and undermined by two phenomena that mark the formation of the digital generation. The first is the prevalence of cancel culture on the campuses not only Anglo-Saxon - and secondly, the decline of our society is to be attributed - to the hegemony of social media over communication, with that mixture of verbal violence and political correctness ".

These end-of-the-world positions are not expressed in marginal places but in the most influential information organs of our country: newspapers, yes, but also radio, television and derivatives. It seems that, as in a sort of Game of Thrones, we all have to prepare ourselves for the invasion of woke thought coming from American colleges: brace yourself.

Trump's legacy While our best brands offer us all the fifty nuances of the concept "nothing can be said anymore", an epochal event is taking place in the United States that could change the lives of millions of people and more precisely that of millions of women.

In the United States there is no federal law on abortion but a 1973 Supreme Court ruling, Roe vs Wade, states that every state must guarantee the access to voluntary termination of pregnancy.

During his four years in the White House, Donald Trump has managed to change the face of the Supreme Court with the election of three new Conservative judges. The repercussions of Trump's choices were immediately felt with the cutting of funds to the associations that dealt with abortion already in the first months of his administration: in 2017 the president signed the Global Gag Rule which stopped all forms of financing for NGOs that dealt with abortion in developing countries and in 2019 blocked funds for abortion clinics. In 2021 alone, 100 anti-abortion laws were passed in the United States.

The long wave of its anti-abortion policies continues today and risks delivering the final blow to American women's reproductive rights precisely because of the turning point imposed by Trump on the Supreme Court.

The possible consequences Politico was able to obtain an exclusive draft of the sentence expected in June on an important case of abortion: according to the documents leaked by the site, the Supreme Court seems to have ruled against the Rode vs. Wade which guaranteed access to termination of pregnancy in the United States. The document states that the conservative judge Samuel Alito would argue that Roe vs Wade should be completely overturned and that its approval at the time was a mistake: "it's time to listen to the Constitution and return the abortion issue to elected representatives of the people "is what we read in the document. By ruling against the 1973 ruling and in favor of the restrictions adopted by the state of Mississippi, one of the strictest laws in all of the United States on abortion, the Supreme Court would in fact make the voluntary termination of pregnancy almost impossible for 41%. of American women.

In the aftermath of the publication of the draft, a video circulated showing Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren visibly shaken by what she read in the document: "Republicans have been working on this day for decades - he declared in a trembling voice to the microphones of the press - 69% of the people in this country, in the red and blue states, young and old, want the Roe vs Wade to remain in place, we cannot allow this ». To do this, a law would need to be passed that regulates access to women's reproductive rights once and for all at the federal level, but the Democrats have a very narrow majority in the House and even narrower in the Senate, not to mention the rifts within them on this. theme. It is unlikely that the upcoming midterm elections will impose such a sudden change of course, even if only the fact that such a confidential document has been leaked represents a historical and unprecedented fact.

If what is read should be confirmed by the publication of the sentence in June, the United States would become one of those few countries in the world to introduce new prohibitions on abortion; one of these countries is Poland which while on the one hand is hosting millions of refugee women fleeing Ukraine, on the other hand it has such restrictive laws as to prevent access to voluntary termination of pregnancy even for women who have become pregnant in following a rape of war.

It is therefore really necessary to be careful because the values ​​of the West are in danger, it is a pity that the woke students of Ivy are not undermining our rights and the achievements obtained after decades of struggles League or Hollywood producers, but conservative judges elected by the most extremist of US presidents, Donald Trump, a Republican.

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