Batman - An autopsy, the new podcast from Spotify and Warner Bros. on the Dark Knight

Batman - An autopsy, the new podcast from Spotify and Warner Bros. on the Dark Knight

Batman - An autopsy

A few days ago, we were invited to the preview of Batman - An autopsy, the new original audio series born from the collaboration between Spotify, Warner Bros. and DC Comics that will debut simultaneously in Italy and in eight other countries on May 3, 2022 exclusively on Spotify.

The psychological thriller will immerse itself in the mind of Bruce Wayne over the course of 10 episodes dotted with dark twists and DC-style supervillains, with the Italian adaptation of the series edited by Show Reel Agency, part of Show Reel Media Group. The full cast attended the preview, with some of the actors performing at the lectern reading excerpts from the original script.

The story is written and conceived by David S. Goyer, screenwriter of the Christopher Nolan trilogy dedicated to the Dark Knight and will talk about a Bruce Wayne slightly different from how we know him: for the first time, in fact, the we will hear in the shoes of a forensic pathologist who works at Gotham City Hospital, intent on examining the victims of the Reaper, a ruthless serial killer. While our protagonist is obsessed with this killer, Dr. Thomas Wayne, head of Gotham City hospital as well as Bruce's father, orders him to go on medical leave and follow the treatment of an unusual psychologist, Dr. Hunter.

| ); } This is the complete cast: Claudio Santamaria, who returns to give voice to Bruce Wayne, Michele Bravi in ​​the role of Edward Nygma (The Riddler), Dario Bressanini in the role of Alfred, Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Michele La Ginestra in those of his parents of the hooded crusader Martha and Thomas Wayne, Beatrice Bruschi in the role of Kell, Edoardo Ferrario in that of Arnold Flass, Michela Giraud in the role of Vicki Vale, Alice Mangione in those of Barbara Gordon, Fiore Manni in the role of Renee Montoya, Nicola Pistoia in that of Dr Hunter and Saverio Raimondo as the Reaper.

To give you an idea of ​​what the product will be, we leave you to the trailer, which you can listen to below:

"I am very happy to be back to give voice to Batman in this audio series. This is a different Bruce Wayne, both because he is more intimate and thoughtful, and because we find him in a new role, that of a forensic pathologist who works at the Gotham hospital. When I dubbed Batman movies, I worked hard to find the right voice. In the podcast there is a great job from this point of view, it is as if I were on stage and I was acting. The voice must be used fully to characterize the character and convey his emotions to the audience. "

We also had the opportunity to have a chat with two cast members: Edoardo Ferrario as the corrupt policeman Arnold Flass and Saverio Raimondo as the ruthless Reaper.

Interview with Edoardo Ferrario and Saverio Raimondo

Edoardo you have done television, radio, theater, you have written a book, you already host a comic podcast and now also a dramatic podcast, as well as another role as a voice actor. Which of these is the "media" you prefer?

I really love comedy as a language, which you can use in many ways and through many different means: you can do it on the radio, but without the image; you do it on television, in which you have the image, but there are well-established and ruthless rhythms; you do it on the web and you have the image and all the time you want; you do it in the theater and you have the audience there, in front of you. My challenge is therefore to be able to decline comedy using always different means.

Being a comedian myself and feeding myself with laughter, however, I think that live comedy is the one that gives you the most satisfaction, that gives you many more endorphins and that makes you feel emotions superior to other experiences. Moreover, you have the opportunity to compare yourself with an audience that is there for real and that you need to know how to deal with, in order to realize how a song went, as well as send you a crazy adrenaline.

Your first role at the lectern was in "Too Bad", a purely comic animated film, while with "Batman - An Autopsy" you found yourself facing a much more dramatic part and " serious ". How did you approach this new experience?

In "Too Bad", I'll tell you the truth, for me it was very simple and when they proposed it to me I didn't think for a second to accept. Because the idea of ​​"making voices" in a cartoon is something that has always amused me, because it is also part of my way of making comedy. It was a lot of fun and also quite simple, except for the "dubbing" (ie acting, reading the script, going in sync with what you see on the screen), which I had never done before. Fortunately I was directed by a very good dubbing director, Carlo Cosolo, who chose me for the part.

When instead they called me for the role of Flass, a corrupt cop in the Batman series, very dark and somber, with Claudio Santamaria in the role of the Dark Knight, I thought if I was able to do this thing . Because I was not Batman's "comic line", but a very infamous character! Matteo Guinzi and Marco Ferrarini, however, were very good at directing me, making me understand well what this character should do, working on the vocality, modifying it and making it darker and more hoarse, just the voice that I imagine a character like that could have. , so ambiguous, bad and ruthless.

It was different, but at the same time similar to what was done with Too Bad, because in both cases I had to change the voice, but to play two very different roles.

What is your relationship with the Batman character?

I'll tell you the truth: maybe he has always been my favorite superhero, because I have always been fascinated by the drama of the character, this billionaire man, but who lost his parents in such a dramatic way that he later assumed this double identity to fight crime. And then I have always been fascinated by the atmosphere of comics and that you breathe in Gotham City, a city prey to crime that collapses on itself and this hero who at first is contested and criticized, so much so that no one trusts him because he wants to bring justice with its unorthodox means. For me he is a superhero more than others, because he is deeply human and that he knows he is wrong sometimes, using force and violence and regretting using it sometimes. Perhaps the most human of superheroes, that's why I like him.

Saverio, this is not your first time at the lectern, because with Luca you have had the opportunity to make your debut in this world both in terms of Italian and American dubbing.

Exactly! I was first chosen for the part in English by Enrico Casarosa himself (the director of the film) who had heard my voice from my shows on Netflix, because it was useful that the character of Ercole Visconti was of Italian origin, not so much to give him an accent. marked, but mainly because there was no American or English accent. So I did a part audition and they got me! After that, also in Italy they wanted to give continuity and they called me back to redouble it also in our language.

You have a very particular voice that works very well on certain characters. Have you ever thought about dubbing before?

I recognize that I have a cartoonish voice and am really happy to have made my debut in this world with Disney Pixar. What better start than this?

I had already thought of being able to try to do this type of work, especially for my great curiosity, because it was a world I did not know. But, as I always do with everything, I always wait for the opportunity to arise, in some way. Waiting for the right opportunity has always been a kind of strategy, which had worked in other cases. I waited for the call and it finally came!

Active you have two "pure" dubbing experiences (Luca and Too Bad) and one a little more particular (Batman - An autopsy). Is there a particular one you preferred?

I think they are all very rewarding experiences from every point of view. Working on Batman - An Autopsy was in some ways similar to giving the voice to Ercole Visconti in the original, because when you give the voice to an animated film in his native language as in my case, the film is still in effect. there is not! Because the protagonists are often then modeled on your voice. You are not dubbing a film, you do not have a screen to look at, but you are creating the character in some way, with the colors and shades of your voice.

When Enrico Casarosa came to Italy to present the film, he brought me the compliments of the animation studio, which had really enjoyed working on my voice. In a way, that's what was done in this podcast too, because with your interpretation you are able to give body to the character, even if in effect a body doesn't have it. It is you with your voice that guides the listener's imagination.

How does it feel to be in a Batman production?

Total gratification, both for being involved in a Batman-related project and for being an antagonist of Batman himself. I am a great "Batmanian", since I was a child I have always been a fan of the hooded crusader, so just being involved in such a thing made me happy, I would have accepted any role! Then, the fact of being a villain has greatly gratified me, both because I realized that my path is the evil ones and I would like to specialize in those, and because the Reaper is a really nice character and I hope I was up to him.

You will hear in the following episodes that in addition to having very dark and macabre notes, he also has very fragile and complex ones, which make him a three-dimensional villain. You will like it!

We remind you that the first two episodes of Batman - An Autopsy will be published simultaneously on Spotify on Tuesday 3 May and a new episode will be published every Tuesday.

If, on the other hand, you want to relive the atmosphere of Christopher Nolan's Batman (with the voice of Claudio Santamaria), you can buy the handy blu-ray box containing all three films of the Dark Knight trilogy, simply by clicking on this link.

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