Uncharted, Tom Holland presented the film in Rome: "I prepared myself by replaying the whole saga"

Uncharted, Tom Holland presented the film in Rome: I prepared myself by replaying the whole saga

Uncharted, Tom Holland presented the film in Rome

Tom Holland, Ruben Fleischer and Charles Roven are taking Uncharted around the world: among the European stops there was also Rome. Actor, director and producer told us about the film, in cinemas from February 17, with the Colosseum literally behind it.

This Uncharted, the first of what could be a long and fruitful film saga, serves as a prequel to the video game saga created by Naughty Dog. In fact, Tom Holland plays a Nathan Drake, a future adventurer and treasure hunter, very young, still a beginner. It is in this film that we discover how he met Victor "Sully" Sullivan, the role entrusted to Mark Wahlberg, who should have been Nathan ten years ago.

Tom Holland in the role of Nathan Drake The path that led to this film was in fact long and full of obstacles: almost an adventure in itself. Producer Charles Roven recalled this: "It took a long time to understand how to make this adaptation. The commitment was above all from my partner, Alex Gartner, who told me about the project in 2009. sportsgaming.win enthusiasm too. it was fundamental: in 2019 we thought together to tell how Nate and Sully met. Once we understood that the heart of the film was their relationship, in addition to the action scenes of course, we could start to get serious. Unfortunately, just when we were finally all ready after such a long journey, Covid arrived. But everyone held out for months. And now here we are. "

Uncharted: from the video game to the big screen

The protagonists of Uncharted The various chapters of Uncharted have sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. To say that the game has a very large and loyal fanbase is therefore an understatement. For director Ruben Fleischer, it was therefore a great responsibility: "Whenever you adapt much-loved material, whether it's a comic or a video game, it's important to respect what everyone loves about the original. And at the same time, with the transition to the big screen , we wanted to make it ours. For me the most important thing about the game is that yes very cinematic, there are some incredible action scenes, but above all it is based on the relationship between this strange couple formed by Nate and Sully. Then we were lucky enough to be able to count on actors of the caliber of Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg to bring these characters to life: they made my task much easier. "

For this director and producers they have thought of including several easter eggs in the film: "We wanted it to be like a treasure hunt for video game fans, as if they were doing another adventure alongside the movie," Fleischer said, continuing: " We worked with Naughty Dog to figure out which ones to put in. One of the first is when, at the beginning, you see the neon sign "kitty got wet" in the bar, which is a very famous joke in the games. One of my favorites is when Nate is in the well and says "well, well, well". We have put a lot of them. There is also a cameo that those who love games will surely recognize and appreciate. "

Tom Holland: becoming Nathan Drake

Nathan and Sully in the Uncharted movie In 2019 it was Tom Holland, following the success of Spider-Man, who believed in the project and convincing Sony to take him back. Transforming into Nathan Drake required a lot of body and detail work, as the actor confirmed: "I pay a lot of attention to the small details of the character: one of the most important aspects of building Nathan Drake was discovering its physicality. My version of Peter Parker is loved for his childish charm, while for Nathan I wanted to play someone more confident in movement. So for this film I walked differently, tightened objects differently. Having begun to prepare the character from these little things, when I then had to jump out of planes or almost drown in a well all of this poured into the action scenes.

Amy Pascal was bothered by this: I shot Spider-Man after Uncharted and she was telling me I had too much of a man attitude! Instead, I was supposed to play a boy. It took me two weeks to change posture. "

A" much more grown-up "Tom Holland in Uncharted Video games were a fundamental starting point for Holland:" Before shooting I replayed all video games: there was no better way to prepare if not to lock myself in the house and play all the games. Nolan North did an incredible job: it was very important for me to have him on set. It's as if he gave us his blessing of him. We also interacted with Neil Druckmann: he is a legend in the world of video games and his support was fundamental. He emailed me after seeing the movie where he told me how much he liked it. Having his quality certificate was an important achievement. "

Between enigmas and ancient relics, at the center of the film is the relationship between Nate and Sully, a crucial point for Tom Holland:" The idea that this young orphan wants seek his brother more than treasure. Eventually he finds a family in Sully: they have a wonderful relationship as an older brother and younger brother. As an actor, family-friendly adventure films have always been my favorite genre - Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible, James Bond I grew up with these films, so having the chance to do my own version of these stories was incredibly exciting. . I have a wonderful relationship with Sony: making a film like this is a dream that has come true. I've been waiting for a movie like this for a long time. "

Mark Wahlberg is Sully

Wahlberg and Holland in Uncharted The chemistry between Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland was a fundamental element, which fortunately was not lacking, as confirmed by the actor : "A lot of the interaction between me and Mark Wahlberg is the result of our relationship on the set: we experimented, improvised. Like when we talk about Tinder. So we explored the characters with acting, but always remembering that Nate and Sully are loved all over the world: the videogame saga has sold 40 million copies! So it has a huge fanbase. We tried to create something new starting from already consolidated characters. So video game fans will get a fresh representation of who Nathan Drake is. We worked a lot on the puzzles. But the thing that players don't realize is that inventing puzzles is a nightmare! We all worked on it together. "

Uncharted: the action scenes

One of the many action scenes from Uncharted Uncharted video games are full of spectacular action scenes. Anyone who has played will recognize several sequences reported faithfully on screen, as the director said: "Some sequences, like the one on the plane, come directly from video games. But we didn't want to take too much inspiration from the action in the game, we also wanted to create something new. From the games we mostly took the tone, the humor, which I think is really a defining feature of Uncharted. The action scenes in the game are amazing and so we had to live up to it - I'm particularly proud of our third act - the flying ship scenes and the air battle is something you've never seen before. "

In addition to the games, Ruben Fleischer also indicated several cinematic references for this Uncharted:" The video game was our guide and the very people who created it were also influenced by Indiana Jones. So we came full circle: Indiana Jones inspired the game and we were inspired by Indiana Jones for the Uncharted movie. Other films that inspired me are The Goonies, Star Wars, in particular the relationship between Luke and Han, which we find in the one between Nate and Sully. Then Mission Impossible, James Bond, all the adventure films of the 80s. And then The Treasure of the Sierra Madre: it's my favorite film about gold hunting and greed. "

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