Madden 22: Recent Updates As Super Bowl LVI Approaches

For American Football fans who wish to play the sport as a video game, there is perhaps no better title available to them than the hit EA Madden game series.


The franchise has been highly successful ever since it was released in 1988 and has gone on to achieve a huge amount of commercial success during its run. As of 2018, it had been found that more than 130 million copies of the video game had been sold, whilst it has also equated to well over $100 million in sales; EA Sports’ FIFA is the only other sports-themed video game to have been able to surpass that mark, too.


Indeed, if that were not enough to highlight just how big the game franchise that was named after the late legendary Pro Football Coach, Commentator and Hall of Famer John Madden, then the fact that NFL Madden 22 was one of the best selling games of the year in 2021 should be a big enough of an indicator.

A number of updates continue to be made

The game, though, remains a highly popular title for many players as EA continues to provide a number of updates throughout the season, which is great as we are almost at the end of the current campaign.


Sunday 13 February 2022, will see the final game of the season take place when Super Bowl LVI is played at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California, between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. There will be a number of people that will be awaiting that game for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is a Super Bowl that does not feature the likes of Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes; two quarterbacks that have continued to appear regularly in the showpiece on a consistent basis in recent years.


Others will be excited because it will be an event on which they will be able to bet, with the upcoming game providing some punters the opportunity to use Unibet’s Virginia online sports betting platform. Indeed, those that are interested in placing a wager on Super Bowl LVI will find that the LA Rams are the favorites to take the Vince Lombardi trophy with odds of -195 on the Moneyline compared to the Cincinnati Bengals’ odds of +160 at the time of writing.

Super Bowl Promotion update

Naturally, the fact that the Super Bowl is so close is something that EA has decided to make sure is just one part of the recent updates that they have managed to push through, with gamers able to make the most of the special occasion.


One update that has been made available is the annual Super Bowl Promotion that regularly becomes live in the lead up to the main event, with a number of players who have featured in the Super Bowl in the past and present to be made available in the Ultimate Team mode that is playable.


In addition, there could be Super Bowl sets made available, with one set potentially including 20 Super Bowl past players including 2 masters, whilst another will be based on present stars who have been able to play in one of the biggest sporting events to have ever existed.

Roster Stat Updates

Another feature that NFL Madden 22 has decided to provide players with recently is their latest roster updates; a feature that many gamers eagerly await each time as they get to see who the developers have decided requires an upgrade in regard to their stats and overall ability, whilst also looking at those who have been downgraded after a poor run of form or season.


One of the biggest updates in the latest patch to have been released involves Tom Brady as he has been entered into the 99 club after officially announcing his retirement from the sport after 22 long seasons that saw him win a total of seven rings; the most by any player and perhaps solidifying himself as the GOAT.


In other upgrades, Super Bowl LVI participant Cooper Kupp (LA Rams wide receiver) has been boosted by +1 and turned into a 97 overall player, whilst Cincinnati Bengals’ free safety Jessie Bates III has also been provided with a +1 to his overall and ranking at 92.


Additionally, some of the best players to have received a downgrade in this recent update include Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs QB) who has gone down -1 to 97 overall, whilst Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, has also suffered the same fate and seen his overall decrease from 96 to 95.

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