Elden Ring: details on classes, gifts, areas and hubs revealed by the previews

Elden Ring: details on classes, gifts, areas and hubs revealed by the previews

Elden Ring

Some of the new Elden Ring previews have revealed interesting details about the game, including the number of starting classes, the gifts, information on some areas never before seen in the trailers and more. Obviously, if you don't want to spoil the surprise, we advise against proceeding further with the reading as you could run into potential spoilers.

As you probably know, many new previews of Elden Ring have been released these days, even on the pages of sportsgaming.win obviously, which reported the impressions of the international press on the first hours of play of the new work of FromSoftware.

Elden Ring, a promotional image Among the unpublished details revealed is the number of classes available. As we know in the closed beta there were only five, while in recent days FromSoftware has unveiled the Prisoner, the Vagabond and the Hero with artwork on Twitter. From the previews we learn that in total there will be ten classes to choose from for our Senzaluce. Among these there is also the Wretch, or the "Discriminate" of Dark Souls, a class that starts with all the statistics at 10 and from level 1. Then there is the Bandit who equips a small shield suitable for parry, a dagger and a bow, and has good statistics in dexterity and arcane.

Elden Ring will also have a mechanic similar to the initial gifts, that is an item chosen from those proposed by the game with which the player can start the adventure. Among these were the Crimson Amber Medallion (increases HP), the Golden Seed (increases the flasks) and the Land Beetween Rune (offers a certain amount of runes, necessary to level up).

Do you also remember the area with the Giant Bear shown in a recent Elden Ring gameplay video? Well apparently from it you can access the Underground, an area so vast that it has a special map and that from the description it can be compared to the Stranger Things Upside Down.

There will also be a desert region called Caelid where players will have to contend with an invading NPC named Anastasia. This area is also apparently teeming with dragons, including a gargantuan sized one.

Finally we learn more about Roundtable Hold, a hub separate from the Interregnum and reachable by fast travel wherever you are. Here will be various NPCs, including a blacksmith, spell-teaching spellcasters, characters who entrust quests and much more.

We remind you that Elden Ring will be available from February 25 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. In a recent interview, producer Yazuhiro Kitao confirmed that Elden Ring will have optional bosses that will make you sweat the proverbial seven shirts.

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Elden Ring Bosses Will Be Checkpointed

Elden Ring producer Yasuhiro Kitao has spoken about how they’ve made the game more accessible to newer players with the addition of boss checkpoints, in addition to giving us details about the extra content of the game and how they plan to support the game in the future.

“We were more mindful of this distance between the Sites of Grace and the Stakes of Marika in each boss fight. The States of Marika in particular, are placed strategically in order for us to alleviate that stress when exploring in the open and to encourage exploration”

In previous FromSoftware games, you were required to walk back to a boss if you were defeated, meaning that you’d also have to fight enemies again and again until you finally defeated bosses. While this was accepted and fun for most, some players felt it could be unfair to an extent that the game wasn’t. FromSoftware games traditionally are difficult yet balanced, so that everything bad that happens is purely your fault. But the inability to get back to a boss quickly turned a lot of people off.

In the same interview Kitao confirmed that there won’t be a boss rush mode in Elden Ring, unlike the boss rush mode that was added to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice a month after launch. Kitao said that there’s not only not a boss rush mode currently implemented in the game at present, but there’s no plans for one to be added in the game at any point in the future.


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