Armored Core: A new From Software game emerges from a player survey

Armored Core: A new From Software game emerges from a player survey

Armored Core

Armored Core could be in development at From Software and soon to arrive, based on a poll released to some users that was reported on the ResetEra forum, effectively confirming the return of the series in the near future.

Based reportedly, the survey (of which the screenshot is visible at this address) contains an accurate description of the game and is also accompanied by images and a short video, so it is clear that the project is already in an advanced state of development and close to 'release, although there has not yet been an official announcement about it.

The game is a third-person shooter that is based on the use of combat mechs, as is the tradition of the series, and allows you to move around a very large map with a sci-fi setting.

Armored Core: Verdict Day, image of one of the most recent chapters of the series The story and the setting were created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, or the author of the various Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Elden Ring, being in effects Armored Core is the series with which the team made itself known in the world.

The story is based on the struggles for control of Melange, a mysterious substance that can allow a drastic advancement of human society through clear progress technological, something similar to the Dune Spice. In the past, this substance has experienced a cosmic catastrophe on the planet Bashtar, but this appears to have returned to activity after the total destruction, which pushes different forces in the system to try to understand what happened and obviously use the substance to their advantage. br>
Even on the narrative front, this game should offer a complex and layered story, set right on the planet Bashtar, at the center of various conflicts and machinations, with the scenario that promises to be huge and post-apocalyptic on a large scale.

The combat between mechs is dynamic and offers long or short range clashes, with the possibility of using different types of weapons and equipment that modify the style and approach to battle, including tools for the "body" a melee "such as shields and more. Great attention, as in the previous chapters, will be reserved for the construction and customization of the mech, which can be modified and made to evolve in different ways according to tastes in terms of approach to battle.

According to what is reported, the images they show some snowy environments and very different types of mechs, among which there are those that should be bosses to be defeated. It is not the first time that there is talk of a probable return of Armored Core, considering that Hidetaka Miyazaki himself had also talked about it, but it was 2018.

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Details of an unannounced From Software Armored Core game have reportedly popped up online

Details of a new - and hitherto unannounced - instalment of From Software's Armored Core have reportedly popped up online.

According to ResetEra's Red Liquorice, earlier today they received a consumer survey directly from the developer which offered plot details, eight screenshots, and even two videos about the unannounced sequel.

'I've just finished doing a consumer survey about a new Armoured Core game with description, screenshots and two 30 second-ish videos of gameplay - the first a boss fight and the second more in-world gameplay, a snow area,' they wrote, holding back from sharing the screenshots as they are 'unique ID watermarked'.

According to the screenshots detailing the game's key features, it's described as 'the sci-fi world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki' and a 'third-person shooter mecha action title that lets you move around an overwhelmingly scaled map that represents a unique sci-fi world with dynamic mech action'.

'The boss fight looked quite Soulsy - the long-range gunfire reminded me of Virtua On, that's my frame of reference, I'm not a mech fan and haven't played any AC games,' Red Liquorice added in a follow-up post. 'The player character in a white mech went in close to the bigger robot boss and fought with like an energy or laser sword, this looked Souls-style.

'The field gameplay, the player in the same white mech seemed to be following a couple of other players in the distance (co-op?) and they were walking (flying close to the ground maybe) through a snowy area towards either a large wall or gate, this seemed Soulsy too, the vastness of the architecture, but it wasn't a castle more like a worn down metal/stone wall or gate. It was quite short.'

Interestingly, it seems like there's no confirmed title just yet, as participants of the survey were invited to help choose one.

'Most of them were Armoured Core: [Something] including just 'Armoured Core' and both AC: 6, AC: VI, and other subtitles I can't remember, some of the choices didn't include AC in the name at all.'

As for FromSoft's other highly-anticipated title? Elden Ring is currently due to release for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on 25th February next year, following a recently announced one-month delay. Aoife was given a 17-minute behind-closed-doors tour of its vast, interconnected world towards the end of last year.

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