Digital and infrared thermometers | The best of 2022

Digital and infrared thermometers | The best of 2022

UPDATE 05/02/2022: we have not upset the product list as we believe that the thermometers we suggest are still the best you can buy today. However, we have added a series of information at the bottom that may be useful when you need to measure your body temperature.

As you know, winter brings with it not only cold and snowflakes, but also and above all it affects many people, both adults and children. In this regard, the use of a thermometer to measure fever becomes almost inevitable and if you still own one of those in Galistan or, even worse, mercury, maybe it's time to switch to a new model and stay up to date. with the times. But before advising you which are the best digital thermometers you can buy today, let's find out what are the types of the latter.

Thermometers are divided into three types: digital, infrared and galistan, the latter certainly known by anyone, since it has been on the market for many years and is considered the absolute best in terms of reliability and precision. However, this type of instrument takes several minutes before showing the exact body temperature, often making it uncomfortable and annoying enough to keep it in the right position, especially in the little ones.

Read also: Cheap air purifiers | The best of 2022 Digital thermometers, on the other hand, have very similar characteristics to Galistan, but are equipped with a button and a small display with which, respectively, start the measurement and control the temperature, after playing an acoustic signal that is to indicate that the measurement is finished. Finally, the infrared ones are certainly the most comfortable of all, since we are shown the temperature practically instantly and there is no need to keep them resting on the skin for a certain period of time. However, these have the disadvantage of not being very precise if used while we are sweaty or wet, but it is undoubtedly the best solution in most cases and it is no coincidence that among the suggested products there are several models of this type.
Having said that, if you need to buy a new one, our list of the best thermometers you can buy right now will surely be useful. All the models mentioned below are available on Amazon, so you will have maximum reliability and fast shipping.

The best digital and infrared thermometers

Braun PRT1000 digital thermometer Infrared thermometer KaraEasy Infrared thermometer Idoit Thermometer 4 in 1 Farmamed Infrared thermometer Braun IRT6520 ThermoScan 7 Infrared thermometer Femometer Glass thermometer Gima

Braun PRT1000 digital thermometer

The first thermometer we suggest to consider is a digital type and is suitable for those who want to technology starts and rely on a simple but functional device, able to measure the temperature in an optimal way both in adults and children. It is very compact and it is worth mentioning the flexible probe, which makes it quite comfortable during use. It's not as fast as an infrared model, but you can still get accurate readings in less than 10 seconds.

KaraEasy infrared thermometer

The infrared thermometer from KaraEasy is one of the best sellers ever, since it boasts an excellent quality-price ratio. In addition to measuring the classic body temperature in an instant, this device allows you to discover the temperature of objects and even food, including breast milk. It can also be used to know the water temperature, useful for example when it is time to bathe your baby or the room temperature, although it is not designed specifically for the latter. Thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, you can easily carry it in your bag and use it at the most appropriate time with extreme ease.

Idoit infrared thermometer

With this model we go to a higher level, since it allows to measure the temperature both from the forehead and ear, so it goes to meet the needs of a wider audience. Furthermore, it has an internal memory capable of storing up to 40 readings, while the LCD display has the characteristic of changing color according to the recorded temperature. Very comfortable to hold in the hand just like a small remote control, thanks also to the presence of a cover on the probe which further increases its handling. Finally, it is also worth mentioning the different measurement modes, adjustable according to whether we are measuring the fever on a child or an adult.

Farmamed 4-in-1 thermometer

Moving to an even higher level, we cannot fail to point out the model of Farmamed, a company that takes care of the whole family thanks to products capable of responding in a timely manner to minor ailments that burst into everyone's life almost daily. This is a 4 in 1 model, that is, it is able to detect the temperature in various ways: ear, forehead, objects and environment. It has a backlit LED display with 3 colors and boasts a memory capable of saving up to 9 measurements. Reliable and compact, it is one of the best thermometers you can buy right now.

Infrared thermometer Braun IRT6520 ThermoScan 7

This infrared model produced by the well-known company Braun is one of the best thermometers that you can buy, suitable for those who want to have a professional device with more advanced features. Not surprisingly, Braun's ThermoScan series is the most used and recommended by doctors and ensures maximum precision even in decimal values. To give you an idea of ​​its accuracy, this thermometer allows you to select different age groups, in order to obtain a result as correct as possible, thanks also to the pre-heated tip before use, which ensures greater precision than a standard solution. , as well as giving a more pleasant feeling to the little ones. Finally, the Braun IRT6520 has a large LCD display with night light, which allows easy reading even in the dark, thus avoiding waking the child. If we really want to find a negative point, the latter lies in the fact that it can only be used in the ear, since it is an ear thermometer.

Femometer infrared thermometer

Another model that has proven to be up to par and therefore deserves to be mentioned in our list dedicated to the best thermometers is the model made by Femometer. Quick and precise, this solution implements a microchip and a high sensitivity sensor capable of guaranteeing margins of errors close to zero. According to the manufacturer, the measurement is accurate up to ± 0.2 / ± 0.4 ℉, which allows for reliable temperature control. Furthermore, speed is another strong point of this model, since the reading is lightning fast, provided it is used in the right distance, ie 1-3 cm from the forehead. Finally, there is no shortage of different ways, with which you can measure the temperature not only of the person, but also of objects. A model that, not surprisingly, is among the best sellers in the last period, also thanks to the competitive price.

Thermometer with Gima glass

Although the models reported so far are all able to measure the temperature in an optimal way, some may prefer the classic glass solution which, even today, is the one that guarantees the best accuracy, to the disadvantage of a reading significantly slower than an infrared model. The model we propose does not contain mercury, but an alloy of gallium, indium and tin, which are completely non-toxic materials. In addition, this is a certified medical device, a factor that may prompt many to evaluate their purchase.

How to choose a thermometer for fever

Thermometers are rather simple instruments, therefore the factors to be taken into consideration before a possible purchase are minimal and can be summarized in a single aspect, namely that of the type.


As you have already read in the initial stages of this article, fever thermometers can be of 3 types; glass, digital and infrared, each with different characteristics and points in favor that we are going to report below, with the aim of helping you to choose the most suitable one for you.

Glass thermometer: it is the classic instrument that we have all used it at least once. Although glass models are used much less today than in the past, they are the most reliable on the market, which is why they should be taken into consideration by those who want to have the utmost certainty that the reported temperature is the correct one. On the other hand, it takes several minutes before you know your body temperature, which can be annoying for little ones. Digital thermometer: the accuracy of the detection is substantially the same as a glass thermometer, with the advantage of having a convenient display in which the temperature is reported. Also in this case the waiting times are quite long, but many recent solutions will allow you to save the last readings, useful for remembering or comparing the values ​​with the previous ones. Infrared thermometers: they are the ones that have taken over and the reason is simple, since they can read the temperature of your body within a few seconds, if not even in tenths of a second. This means that these models offer extreme ease of use and boast additional functions such as an alarm when a high temperature is detected, a memory capable of saving many measurements and the ability to set the thermometer based on age. However, this type of thermometer tends to be the least accurate, although the error threshold is often limited to just a few tenths.

How to use a fever thermometer

The steps required to properly use a thermometer vary depending on the type of thermometer you are using. Usually, you should follow the manufacturer's directions to make sure you are using it correctly. In any case, place the thermometer on or near the area of ​​the body where you intend to measure the temperature and keep it still for a few seconds until the device emits an acoustic sound that confirms the reading.

Digital thermometer

A digital thermometer can be used in three different ways:

Oral: the thermometer is placed under the tongue. This method can be used by both adults and children, and it is recommended to apply this method from 4 years of age, so that the child can keep it firmly in the mouth. Rectal: The thermometer is inserted into the rectum. This occurs mostly in infants, but can be used in babies up to 3 years of age. The rectal temperature can also be measured in children over 3 years of age, but it may prove more complicated due to the child's reactions. Axillary: the thermometer is placed in the armpit when the temperature cannot be measured safely orally. This method is not as accurate as oral or rectal, but it is great for a quick check.

Ear thermometer

As you can easily guess, this thermometer measures the temperature inside the ear through infrared heat. For best results, be sure to follow the instructions in the device description, where it is often advised how to position the tip correctly. For babies and adults, thermometers that measure the temperature in the ear can be faster and easier to use. However, they are not recommended for those under 3 months of age. Also, they should not be used if there is too much ear wax or ear pains are present at that time.

Forehead thermometer

Forehead thermometers are often used to measure the temperature of the ear. body, but they may not be as reliable as digital thermometers and are usually more expensive. They are placed on the temporal artery of the forehead and measure the temperature through infrared heat from the head.

Mercury thermometers are not good, why?

As mentioned in the early stages, you shouldn't use your old glass thermometer that contains mercury for a variety of reasons. The first is that they are difficult to read and did not always provide accurate information. Another important factor that should keep you away from this type of thermometer is that mercury could harm your health. This can happen if the glass breaks, causing the mercury to escape. If you still have a mercury thermometer, we recommend that you dispose of it properly at specific hazardous waste locations. Modern glass thermometers no longer use mercury, but most people prefer to rely on digital thermometers because they are more durable and flexible.

How and when to clean the thermometer?

thermometer should be cleaned before and after using it. You can use soap and water or alcohol to clean the tip of the digital thermometers, then rinse with warm water. If you are using the rectal method, be sure to clean it thoroughly and label it. Afterwards, keep it in a specific place so that you can immediately recognize that it is the one used to measure the rectal temperature and not to confuse it with the oral or axillary one.

Our advice is always to read the instructions given. in the package, although you can almost always clean the tip with alcohol. The underside and handles can be cleaned with disinfectant instead. However, be sure to use water to clean the disinfectant so that it does not damage the handle of the thermometer. If your thermometer comes with a case, use it to store it in a suitable place. Finally, we suggest keeping the thermometer in a dry place, where it is not exposed to large changes in temperature.

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