Tesla under investigation by the NHTSA for in-car video games

Tesla under investigation by the NHTSA for in-car video games

For several days now the topic of video games in the car has become very hot, with Tesla and Mercedes directly involved in this flow of news, albeit for slightly different reasons: if on the one hand the German brand has realized that it has made a mistake, allowing their cars to play video games while driving, on the other hand we have Tesla who, despite being aware of the situation, does not seem willing to intervene to change it.

For this reason, the American NHTSA has opened a new investigation into the comparisons of Tesla and its users, who for some months now have been able to play some video games on the car screen, even while it is in motion.

The function that allows you to play video games on the displays of Tesla cars has always been one of the most important selling-points of Elon Musk's cars, which aim to offer a user experience that is pleasant in any moment, even during charging or a fairly long stop. Last year Tesla officially released Tesla Arcade, a platform dedicated to on-board video games, but designed to be used only when parked and while charging the car; today, however, the Teslas allow you to play these games even while the car is in motion, after showing a brief notice in which the driver is advised not to get distracted and to let the passenger play.

“La National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said it has initiated a preliminary assessment on Tesla Model 3, S, X and Y manufactured between 2017 and 2022. The functionality defined as 'Passenger Play' could distract the driver and cause accidents. "

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