Alfa Romeo Tonale will raise the fortunes of the company

Alfa Romeo Tonale will raise the fortunes of the company

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale could represent a crucial turning point for the Milanese brand owned by Stellantis; the new SUV of the C segment will be officially unveiled in the first months of 2022 and promises numbers capable of reviving the fortunes of the company, adding to a range that today boasts models such as Giulia and Stelvio.

In recent years Alfa Romeo car registrations dropped drastically: just think that 150,000 Alfa Romeos were registered in 2017, while in 2020 that number dropped to just 35,000 units. Without a doubt, the pandemic has played an important role in the slowdown in sales of the entire sector, but Alfa Romeo still needs a shock to return to convincing numbers, and that shock - according to enthusiasts and professionals - will come precisely with the new Tonale. 2021 then saw the exit of the Giulietta, the brand's best-selling car, and a new model is desperately needed.

As anticipated, the official presentation of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale will take place in the first few months of 2022, and the first examples should be seen on our streets already in summer; however, production will reach its maximum pace in 2023, and consequently the diffusion will also increase.

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Alfa Romeo Tonale will then be followed by the Alfa Romeo Brennero model, which should see the light of the market in 2024, giving a further hand to the Alfa Romeo catalog.

The eagerly awaited Alfa Romeo Tonale it should be offered in an entry level version with a diesel engine at a starting price of approximately € 28,000.

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