SWAT's spiritual heir has a big problem

SWAT's spiritual heir has a big problem

Over the course of this month, Ready or Not (spiritual heir to the famous SWAT tactical scooter) made its Early Access version on Steam. The VOID development team had signed a publishing agreement with Team17, publisher and developer who has always been close to the world of independent games and author of the Worms series. The deal, however, was interrupted, due to one of the future updates of the game, which led Team17 to stand back and reach an agreement for the termination of the relationship.

Generiche As reported online, the developers of Ready or Not have also thought of introducing a mission set in a school. As already happened with the original SWAT chapter, however, there will also be a shooting inside the school building. Unfortunately, this stance led Team17 to no longer want to publish the game, probably considering how difficult it is to deal with the subject given the large amount of massacres that took place in US schools and which are still a very important issue around the world today.

“VOID Interactive and Team17 have decided by mutual agreement to terminate their relationship and Team17 will no longer publish Ready or Not”, reads the various social channels of the development team. "We are sure that this choice is the right one for the future of the game and we thank the publisher for the long relationship of partnership, wishing them all the best and every success for their games." There is obviously no mention of the mission that had to be added but it seems clear that at this point this is exactly the reason for the separation between the two parties.

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