Tesla Model 3, models with old batteries for sale

Tesla Model 3, models with old batteries for sale

Tesla Model 3

Determining the year of production of a car can be extremely complicated, as it is not always possible to know or find out the construction date of the individual component. A car can be registered in 2021 but have components from several years earlier, from tires to batteries. While the DOT, or the production date, is always indicated on the shoulder for tires, for batteries it is not so easy to find out the true date of birth unless the manufacturer specifically indicates.

A clear example is given. by Tesla with some examples of Model 3, produced in 2021 but equipped with 2017 batteries. Sold as "demonstration vehicles", they use a dated battery with a range reduced by 12% as declared by the EPA cycle; the maximum distance therefore passes from the current 567 km to about 500 km.

The reason why Tesla has decided to use outdated batteries is not yet clear and unfortunately, thanks to the absence of a real press, not it is possible to know the nature of the strategy. As reported by Jalopnik who covered the news first, it's unclear how the warranty will work. Tesla, as we know, offers a warranty of 8 years or 160 thousand km (192 thousand km on Model 3 Long Range and Performance) whichever comes first, with at least 70% of battery capacity retention beyond the period. warranty.

The "demonstration vehicles" currently on sale have been spotted exclusively in America and more specifically in Austin, Honolulu, Portland, Los Angeles and Miami. Most of them have a limited mileage of just over 1,000km. The questions in this regard, as mentioned, are numerous and the manufacturer may have installed outdated batteries from a circular economy perspective or more simply due to problems related to the production of the batteries. No specimens have been sighted in Europe at the moment.

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