On Animal Crossing comes MasterChef with many new themed items

On Animal Crossing comes MasterChef with many new themed items

Animal Crossing New Horizons has recently undergone an update, dating back to a little over a month ago (which seems to have brought with it a very nice bug), and now it seems that the game has been invaded by a famous TV show. We are talking about MasterChef, the famous culinary talent show that started last December 16th and that awaits us with a new episode every Thursday at 9.15 pm on Sky and NOW.

To celebrate the success of the beloved series , the Animal Crossing Life community, which ranks among the largest in Italy, has created and collected some of the show's most iconic objects in shots. Furthermore, all this will soon be visible and can be visited by the players themselves with a special code.

Thanks to the new contents of the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons update, which adds the ability to customize the interiors, the Italian community has managed to recreate some of the equipment present within MasterChef, such as the entire Masterclass complete with counters, tools and ingredients. There are also outdoor stations, ready to welcome challenges to the last dish among aspiring Italian chefs.

In short, this is undoubtedly excellent news both for the regular players of Animal Crossing New Horizons and for the fans of the famous culinary series, who will surely have the pleasure of reviewing the most iconic objects of the show at the title inside. The latter is enjoying some success especially in the last period, given the recent release of the new extra content Happy Home Paradise, which extends the possibilities within the work to be able to spend your time in peace. If you have not yet purchased this DLC and you are undecided on what to do, we refer you to our review to clear your mind. We also remind you that recently Nintendo has finally updated its island within the game.

If you have not yet purchased Animal Crossing New Horizons, then now is the right time: the product, in fact, is currently on sale! You can find it via this link.

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