The most used team in FIFA 22 has been revealed, did you expect it?

The most used team in FIFA 22 has been revealed, did you expect it?

The most used team in FIFA 22 has been revealed

While waiting to find out if the marriage between Electronic Arts and the Zurich-based global football body will go ahead, EA Sports has released official FIFA 22 statistics. The football simulator of the publisher and developer of Redwood debuted in September and it is time for the budgets of this year, including the most used team in online competitions.

According to data disclosed by Electronic Arts and EA Sports, FIFA 22 players opted for Paris Saint Germain, more commonly known as PSG. No wonder: during the last transfer market session the Parisian football team scored several important hits, including that of Lionel Messi and it is normal that users have opted to play by commanding a team of real and own football All Star.

In addition to the most used team, other statistics of FIFA 22 that are decidedly interesting concern the matches played: in the course of 2021, 10 billion games were played, with 22.3 billion goals scored, or an average of 2.29 goals per game. The most prolific player? Kylian Mbappé, who plays in PSG and is not a surprise. But be careful: these metrics do not refer to the FUT mode, but to the more classic one of team competitions, where players choose their favorite team and clash in multiplayer matches with the aim of reaching the First Division. So no, Diogo Jota's goals are not counted.

In addition to FIFA 22, Electronic Arts has released the statistics of other games. Beyond virtual football, Apex Legends players have placed a whopping 322 billion tokens, while The Sims 4 players have spent 1.2 billion hours in the game, with 226 million having decided to devote themselves to construction. Ah, in the course of 2021, 923 million spacecraft were also shot down in Star Wars Squadrons. If the number makes you think there are too many, well, we would like to remind you that the game was distributed free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers, a strategy that has certainly increased the active user base.

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