La Casa di Carta 5 Part 2, review: heroes del silencio

La Casa di Carta 5 Part 2, review: heroes del silencio

La Casa di Carta 5 Part 2, review

After the "taste" a few months ago with the first 5 episodes of the final season (find our review of La Casa di Carta 5 Part 1), La Casa di Carta 5 Part 2 is available on Netflix since last December 3. These are the last 5 episodes (about 55 minutes each) that definitively conclude the Iberian series, one of the greatest successes in terms of audience and media exposure by the streaming platform, which also for this reason has subsequently intensified its productions. "Regional", as well as a phenomenon of all-round custom.

The House of Paper 5 Part 2: escapes, robberies and wars of nerves

The House of Paper 5 Part 2 resumes narration a few minutes after the dramatic events of Part 1: Tokyo is dead, the rest of the gang has suffered a severe blow both physically and psychologically and even the unflappable Professor seems to have felt the blow. This is enough for Alicia Sierra who takes the opportunity to escape, together with little Victoria, triggering a series of events that turn the situation upside down: the Professor becomes her prisoner, but he will free her and the redemption of her name in the eyes of Tamayo. at your fingertips.

In the meantime, Sagasta tries to gamble everything with a textbook bluff within the Banco de Espana, delivering himself to Palermo. With order restored, it is time for the gang to mourn: someone like Stockholm is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, others like Denver are starting to falter. But time is running out and you have to stay focused because there is gold to be taken out of the Bank.

Thus begins a series of sequences in analysts that serve to give new details to the plan and to the reasons that led Berlin in the first place to design this incredible plan. While the Professor and Alicia escape Tamayo's broken headset, the plan seems to betray the gang but nothing is as it seems and the gold is melted back into ingots and loaded onto two trucks. The blow is one step away from success now you just have to extract the band from the Bank.

But it only takes a moment for everything to disappear. Sagasta sets in motion his plan that leads the police to break into the Banco, the Professor is sensationally surrounded. All is lost, or maybe not. What went wrong with the plan organized by the Professor, Berlin and Palermo? Was there a mole in the gang? How were they able to anticipate the last decisive moments of the plan?

The Professor has nothing left but to play one last risky game by handing himself over to Tamayo and rejoining the Banda within the Banco de Espana. What price does freedom have? This is the question that the Professor himself asks before giving himself up to Alicia and then to Tamayo himself, enemies who become allies and allies become potential enemies if they yield to the pressure.

The ending is a game of mirrors, a house of collapsing paper showing the fallacy of a system in which there seem to be no good or bad but only a gray, neutral area in which everyone is winners in their own way.

The House of Paper 5 Part 2, as an illusion

That La Casa di Carta was a pedestrian series was already well understood a few seasons ago. It should be clear that this statement should not necessarily be understood in a negative sense but simply to mark how much the plot lives of a development entirely based on the construction, spasmodic and exaggerated, of a tension that it finds in the continuous, and sometimes exasperating, reworking of some stylistic features and narrative twist its flywheel.

In this sense La Casa di Carta 5 Part 2 is an ideal return to the original formula of the series. The heist component in fact returns overwhelmingly the protagonist not only with the articulated sequences in analpses that serve to explain the last details of the plan but also with the narrative vein that initially sees Alicia Sierra as protagonists and the Professor who is the real protagonist of this season finale. | he is progressively stripped of his cold aura of an infallible calculator. Net of the good intuition of returning to a more familiar form for the ending, La Casa di Carta 5 Part 2 does not give up either that drama component at the limit of the operatic soap (the Denver-Stockholm-Manila triangle) or that suspension of the all-round incredulity necessary in the viewer so that all the twists are "credible".

How much preparation is there actually behind the shot at Banco de Espana? Like the great Hollywood action heist movies, in fact, no expense is spared, and in realism, showing us, always rigorously in analysts, the theft of a machine from an oil platform in Norway (which alone would have deserved a spin-off in its own right) preparatory to the success of the shot. It matters little that the plot is always almost identical for each character and for their "development": Denver is always the most impulsive part of the gang and at the center of the love affairs, Rio and Helsinki are always the most sentimental and humoral parts and so via.

With characters now firmly anchored to archetypal characterizations and with the reworking of twists and stylistic features that follow one another repeating themselves (escapes, grazed catches, foiled assaults) the sequences in analexes with Berlin find their raison d'être, which in the first part of the fifth season seemed almost unrelated, also and above all in view of the series finale and the last unpredictable twist that requires, once again, the viewer to suspend his disbelief.

Even from the point of view. directorial point of view The House of Paper 5 Part 2 returns to a simpler form. Closer and more televised shots, cinematic ambitions, also in terms of camera movements, are abandoned by focusing more on faces and emotions. However, there is no shortage of winks, such as the quote from True Lies and Blade Runner, while the photograph has some flickers inspired by some crepuscular solutions (the part of the quarry) that recall the modern western of authors like Taylor Sheridan.

The ending: heroes del silencio

It must be said that the ending of La Casa di Carta 5 Part 2 is in some ways less obvious than what one might expect or might have imagined later the drift action at the end of Season 4 and the beginning of Season 5. Once again the writers return to rework situations already used, specifically the bargaining between the Professor and Tamayo, but in the end the stakes are raised exponentially, once again bordering on credibility, timidly mitigated by the reintroduction of those themes on which the series had taken its first steps, that is the contrast between the enstablishment and the common people, between the opulence of the 1% represented by the the mint and the status of "freedom fighters" of the Professor's band which in fact does not give up singing Bella Ciao when she seems to have succeeded in the coup.

A satisfying ending? For fans of the series certainly yes and open enough to allow one or more returns as a spin-off rather than a real sequel if only because the series has already requested in terms of engagement both the most hardcore fans but above all the more casual viewers. and savvy.

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