5 of the Best Sci-Fi Horror Games 2021


The thrilling adrenaline rush from playing a horror film is much more than watching a film. Game developers are raising the stakes in producing highly scintillating sci-fi horror games in the market.

Apart from the jump scares and thrills expected, graphic designers add bits of storytelling to the mix. Furthermore, graphic designers can generate income through working in a number of different industries.

If you want to get into blood-soaked, psychological torture and high-octane action, check out our list of the best sci-fi horror games now.


If Alien tops your charts of the best classic horror films, you are bound to have a blast with the Returnal. First, it does not fit the full description of a horror film. It best suits a high-octane action third-person shooter gameplay.

The game settings depict alien-infested earth for sci-fi horror. It circles the life of an astronaut stuck in a time loop. After each death, the time loop begins. Therefore, you get stuck in a never-ending loop trying to figure out how to get out.

Dead Effect 2

What is a horror sci-fi video game without monsters, soldiers, bloodthirsty zombies, drones and the whole shebang? This is definitely what you sign-up for when you try out Dead Effect 2 by BadFly Interactive.

All you have to do is pick a character and build what you want. After that, explore the abandoned ship with the help of a team of scientists. In addition, there are three default characters to choose from. This includes Kay Frayner, Jame Frey and Gunnar Davis.

The mission involves an errant soldier -that is you- who kills Professor Wagnar. What's more, you have super abilities. However, you are in a race against time to set things right.


If you have a thing for the Alien franchise, Alien is a must-play. Get a chance to play along with Ripley’s daughter in a ship infested by Xenomorphs. The gameplay accentuates the original film in terms of technology and the shipwreck.

It is a mind-blowing experience how the graphic designer replicates the film scenes. In addition, the Xenophorns will give you the thrills as they travel through the vents. The fact you don’t know where they are increases the anxiety. One strike from the Xenophorn and its game over.


If you want to get some cyberpunk, high octane and feel the existential dread, Observer is your game of choice.

The game settings are in 2084. The horror game reflects the life of a neural detective that enters the minds of police suspects. In addition, you get to relive their darkest fears. The dreary fear is realistic that ends up questioning your reality.

Also, the cyperpunk game ushers players into a psychological warfare that shows poverty and war. It also, depicts the criminals’ thoughts and other degenerates thrown in different caster classes by society. However, if such an emotional rollercoaster is too much for you, we recommend you play immortal romance slot.


Remember how Breaking Surface had us at the edge of our seats in fear? Well, this fictional game brings horror in underwater settings. It also features an AI-driven network of labs. Prepare to run into half human half machine characters in the abandoned research facility deep in the ocean.

Like other AI-horror based games, SOMA thrives on making you feel alone and vulnerable. If the literal horror of being stuck underwater with bloodthirsty AI wasn’t enough, you get to experience the existential dread in Albert Camus story.


If you are an avid fan of sci-horrorgames, there is much to appreciate with the innovative tiles and features available.

Moreover, it is a common dig at sci-fi horrors that they pack less action. This is untrue, especially after trying out Returnal. Dead Effect 2 brings the dread with zombies and soldiers in action. In addition, we expect more releases to hit the scene soon.

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