Fortnite: a video shows "The end", the event that closed Chapter 2

Fortnite: a video shows The end, the event that closed Chapter 2


Epic Games has released a video showing "The End", the final event of Chapter 2 of Fortnite, which took place yesterday evening at 22:00. It was a highly spectacular moment, which involved the whole community.

The video begins with the completion of the Convergence. Players watch it all happen in front of their eyes, with the Queen of Cubes breaking through to another universe, letting in invading alien forces. After a brief confrontation, players watch helplessly as the island invades and the terrifying ground troops arrive, emerging from structures built in real time during the action. After a tough fight, the cube is destroyed and a cutscene starts with The Rock as the protagonist, so the players regain control and must escape again. Eventually the island is completely overturned, creating a gigantic tidal wave, which submerges everything and everyone and marks the beginning of Chapter 3.

In short, the contamination of the Vice-verse has reached its peak. Bear in mind that Epic Games does not usually re-propose these events, so it's worth watching the movie if only for "documentary" reasons.

At the end of the event, server maintenance has begun leading to Chapter 3 of Fortnite, of which there are already some rumors.

Have you noticed any errors?

The New ‘Fortnite’ Chapter 3 Map Has Been Revealed



With Fortnite Chapter 3 launch set to launch in just under two hours, overnight, we already got a look at the fully new map, which has arrived after the old island flipped over completely, revealing Fortnite’s third ever map underneath it.

Epic ran a community event for the past day or so that asked players to flip their profile pictures upside down and post the hashtag #Fortniteflipped. The more people did that, the more sections of the map were de-pixelated. That resulted in some…interesting developments.

But eventually the entire map was revealed, which you can check out below, or you can head to the site which allows you to zoom on specific areas. There’s a lot of detail to see.



Clearly, some old areas are visible, and there’s a list of POIs and landmarks that has been leaked ahead of the official launch, that includes:

There are like four more pages of that, so it’s a lot.

As you can see, most of the map is currently covered in snow, which I suspect is no accident, given that we’re in December, and Fortnite has covered its map in snow during this part of the year before. I would expect that may blanked the full map eventually (other than maybe the desert) but then recede and probably be restricted to mountains eventually as spring nears.

Speaking of weather, we already know that one significant change is coming to Fortnite in Chapter 3: actual weather. Not just snow spreading across the map, but from the previews, we’ve seen tornados and fierce lightning storms that may occur on the map. Not sure if they’ll just be random or if something triggers them, but it should be a new dynamic to combat.

When the map launches in-game later today, it will no doubt be fully blacked out like tends to happen when Epic launches a new map or zones. Players will be tasked in uncovering the new POIs themselves, and “clearing” the map of all the darkness like it’s an Ubisoft game. Just land and the zones will reveal themselves

There will be a lot to discover, no doubt, and I am looking forward to exploring the brand new map, though with a few old zones returning. We are in yet another new era of Fortnite, and we will have lots of additional coverage about the battle pass and new challenges later today once those are live, so stay tuned for that.

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