Subjective and videogames: for a return to first-person videogame storytelling

Subjective and videogames: for a return to first-person videogame storytelling

Subjective and videogames

We have seen many first-person video games over the years. Whether it was a shooter or titles with strong puzzle components, the first person has always fascinated users thanks to its peculiar characteristic of making the player's point of view coincide with that of his alter ego. Over the years, these narratives (especially those of action and adventure video games) have reached increasingly engaging levels, often thanks to the implementation of cutscenes that are continuously linked with the game sequences. However, it seems that lately we are witnessing a change of direction, which could lead to the setting aside of this shooting technique in favor of a more classic cinematic approach or, even, of a total absence of narrative.

Tracing also the links with the world of cinema, we try to understand why the subjective as a narrative and directorial element should not be put aside by the world of video games, but should, on the contrary, be enhanced by the latter.

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