Will Conan the Barbarian become a Netflix series?

Will Conan the Barbarian become a Netflix series?

A series, exclusively Netflix, based on the adventures of Conan the Barbarian could be in the works soon. In fact, according to some rumors, the streaming giant would be intent on developing a series based on the stories starring the most famous character among those created by the Texan writer Robert E. Howard.

L he idea of ​​a series on Conan the Barbarian, would arise from an agreement between Netflix and Conan Properties International, a company owned by Fredrik Malmberg's Cabinet Entertainment. The episodes will then be produced by Pathfinder Media, led by Malmberg himself and Mark Wheeler.

The agreement, gives Netflix the opportunity to acquire the rights to Howard's productions, and then develop series episodes or entire feature films, both live action and animated. The project in question would specifically concern a live action TV series.

If everything is confirmed, this one from Netflix would be the second attempt to bring Conan's stories to a streaming TV series. Already in 2018, Amazon had started working on a show inspired by the exploits of the barbarian, also involving Pathfinder Media, but the project did not go through then.

For those few who still did not know them, the stories by Conan the Barbarian, originally published by Robert E. Howard in the pages of the pulp magazine Weird Tales, helped set the standard for the fantasy genre Sword and Sorcery, which then inspired an infinite number of genres and products, not least the King of RPGs, Dungeons & Dragons.

In the common imagination, Conan the Barbarian very often has the features of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who made the character even more popular, playing him in two films of the early 1980s, Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer. More recently, Jason Momoa also lent his body and face to the barbarian, playing him in the 2011 film of the same name.

If the project, as we hope, will be completed, it will expand the fantasy landscape of Netflix series, alongside already successful titles such as The Witcher, of which we are already waiting for the arrival of the second season. If the movie isn't available in your country you might wanna use one of the Netflix VPNs to help you get around geo restrictions.

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