Mario Golf: Super Rush, tips for playing

Mario Golf: Super Rush, tips for playing

Mario Golf

Are you enjoying Mario Golf: Super Rush? We, as we wrote in our Mario Golf: Super Rush review, found it very entertaining. Camelot has managed to find the right combination between mechanical realism and Mariesque touches: all in anticipation of the free DLCs, which will increase the number of routes and, among them, the presence of even more strange paths than the current ones.

We hope that in the next updates new characters will also be introduced and, above all, more structured options in the online mode: during the review phase we had assumed that it would happen (a bit like it happened in the days of Mario Tennis Aces ), instead the title remained identical to the version we tested before launch. Whether changes arrive or all online remains relegated to private rooms, there is no doubt that multiplayer (even local) is the most exciting part of the experience.

The game is now out of a ten days, and let's imagine you have already played your first games with your friends. To improve your skills, we have decided to write this short list of tips for playing Mario Golf: Super Rush better.

Adventure Mode

This is a trivial but important tip: start playing from Adventure. There are alternative ways to become good golfers, but there is no shorter and more gradual way than this: once you create your Mii, you will face increasingly complex challenges and, at the end of the mode - if you manage to finish it - you will be excellent players. . In Mario Tennis Aces, the Story was a very long tutorial, in Mario Golf: Super Rush it is a much larger section, which however will teach you well to master the mechanics.

To overcome the various competitions you will have to become better and better, both in choosing the shots - which we will talk about better shortly - and in selecting the most appropriate tool. In the advanced stages of the Adventure, you will understand how to activate the different qualities of the same type of club. At the same time, the gradual development of the character will explain the importance of statistics far more than any description can do: even in this case, we will deepen the subject in a subsequent paragraph. At the moment, we are only writing that some features are only useful in "alternative" modes such as Speed ​​Golf.


As we wrote in the review, the first aspect to consider when formulating a shot is the absence of the classic "second indicator" of golf games, historically associated with the accuracy of the shot. In Mario Golf: Super Rush you have to stop the shot bar only once: depending on the situation, there will be a "safety threshold" that will make the shot risky or not (in terms of accuracy), and in that case the ability of the selected character.

By blocking the bar with A, a normal roll is obtained: the roll, ie the portion of ground covered by the sphere after impact, must still be taken into consideration. By stopping the bar with B, you get a slight backspin: this means that the roll will tend to last less than usual. By blocking the power with A + A (to be pressed in quick succession), the ball will suffer a topspin: in practice, once the roll is finished, it will have a further acceleration forward. Blocking it with B + B, on the contrary, will receive a super backspin: the sphere will tend (inclination of the ground permitting) to go back. In the last two cases the additional movement is quite large - it's not a matter of millimeters, to understand - so you need to practice.

Mario Golf: Super Rush: when you load the red bar, it's time to give effect by tilting the control stick. When the second bar rises, you don't have to worry about stopping it at all: it is simply the right time to give a generic effect to the sphere, and basically - although not visually highlighted - you choose the point of impact on the ball. From the options you can invert the values, in the sense that by pressing up you hit the bottom, and vice versa (also applies to right / left). The more segments this bar has, the more you will be able to impart effects: with three notches, three different rounds will be applicable. One at the start of the shot, one in the middle, one at the end. Mastering this technique is very important, it is your best weapon against the wind and various obstacles. By selecting a strong effect to the right for each notch (for example), you may be able to land on the green with a completely alternative path to the ideal one, perhaps avoiding trees and rocks and who knows what else.


Mario Golf: Super Rush: Miis can also be selected outside the Adventure. Excluding Mii, the characters in Mario Golf: Super Rush are currently sixteen. We write Mii excluded because in certain modes it is not available at the beginning, and in the online rooms it is possible to deactivate its presence: except in the latter case, once the Adventure ends, you can use it anywhere. Which is very convenient because you can shape it according to your tastes.

The various golfers are not as different as the players of Mario Tennis Aces were, where each type basically generated a different way of approaching the game. Here there are various differences, but not so radical: this means that, once you have learned to play, you should tend to know how to do it with every golfer present. "Speed" and "stamina" are key characteristics for Speed ​​Golf, but essentially useless in traditional mode.

Mario Golf: Super Rush: some of the characters in the game. What we can advise you is to try various characters and, once you find the one you prefer, to play with just that for a while: this is because in Mario Golf: Super Rush the "stars" of the old Camelot titles are back. Basically, by competing for a long time with the same golfer, you will improve his skills (and clubs). Each character is available in three versions: normal, one-star, two-star. To play your best online, it is essential that your favorite is brought to its maximum potential.

Let's add a little detail just for multiplayer. Since it is not possible to choose the same golfer more than once, if you only have one with two stars, memorize your starting position (if you are player 1, 2, 3 or 4), and select the character from the menu as soon as possible so that he doesn't get caught by someone else.

Special Shots

Super Golf: Super Rush: Wario loads up his Special Shot. An important factor in choosing a character is his Special Shot. Make sure you try a lot and know them all, make sure you feel comfortable with this shot. Throwing it is not particularly complicated: once the energy bar is charged, just press the left dorsal. You will see that the potential strength of your shot will immediately increase, and the character will be enveloped in shiny stripes. We said that it is not particularly complicated, but there are two precautions to take into consideration: one, it is not possible in any way to give effects to the Special Shot. Two, during this shot the ball still suffers the consequences of the wind.

Special shots, once they hit the ground, have various effects. The main one is to move, more or less intensely, the opposing spheres near the impact. Yoshi's transforms them into eggs, for example, so as to make their bounces more uncertain; that of Baby Bowser wraps the green inside a smoky cloud, so as to make the flag disappear from the map.

Mario Golf: Super Rush: Pauline's Special Shot. Each Special Shot has its advantages, it's up to you to choose your favorite; even more important than knowing the effect of this shot is knowing when to throw it. And the choice could be very different depending on the mode (Speed ​​Golf or traditional) and the order (if you shoot all together or in turns). If you are the last to hit, know that you can damage more balls; at the same time, if everyone else has their energy charged, using the Special Shot last may be unwise, as you could suffer revenge from other golfers.

Courses and environment

Mario Golf: Super Rush: it is very important to know how to "read" the course. To be really good at this game, two things are essential. One: to know your character perfectly, in particular his clubs, the effects he is able to give, his power and his Special Shot. Two: knowing how to read your surroundings, and understanding how it can intersect with your golfer's skills.

We are not talking so much about learning the routes by heart, but rather knowing how to understand them (the same field could have, at different times, a strong or weak wind). It is important to understand the height of obstacles and how to avoid them, but above all it is essential to understand the slope of the ground, and to predict how the ball will behave during the roll. The most difficult courses have greens rich in slopes, do not be ashamed to study the shot for a long time before taking it.

Mario Golf: Super Rush: watch out for obstacles on the courses. The descents and climbs have consequences both in the impact phase and during the blow. This means that, when shooting from a slope, the ball will tend to curve more or less to the right: it is important to understand how much this factor can intersect with the variant generated by the wind. Does the ball tend to go to the right and is there a strong wind to the left? It is possible that the two factors cancel each other out. Or that the slope is slightly more impactful: in which case, giving the effect, you could counter it by tilting the stick slightly to the left.

In summary, the most important thing in this game is to stay calm during shooting, knowing your character well (two-star, possibly) and not underestimating any of the many variables present.

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