In which regions can the vaccine be booked on vacation and how

In which regions can the vaccine be booked on vacation and how

Generally a minimum stay is required in the region in which one moves. But not all of them are ready to offer the possibility of vaccination to tourists. Here are the indications

(Photo: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash) The discussions around the anti-Covid-19 vaccines continue to hold sway. The imperatives that come from many sides are to continue, if possible, accelerate vaccination campaigns, also and above all in the face of the risk of the spread of dangerous variants. The case of the delta variant is, in this regard, emblematic. And if possible, we try to find incentives that favor joining the campaign: on the one hand there are those who look with interest (and those with perplexity) at the so-called model of French President Emmanuel Macron - who made entry to transport , bars, restaurants to the green pass - on the other, for example, focusing on making vaccination easy and convenient. For example, by favoring the administration of vaccines (especially boosters) on vacation.

Vaccines to tourists have been talked about for a long time in recent weeks, but by reviewing the policies adopted in this area by the various regions it is clear that this is a possibility present everywhere on the peninsula, in some cases still in progress and generally linked to some requests (such as the minimum period of stay in a specific place, in addition, obviously, to the documentation relating to the first dose). Given, therefore, that the situation in general is a bit confused - between announcements, delays, suspensions, fears for the availability of doses - tax code and health card always in hand, if you move in these regions at the moment it works like this.


If you reside in the region for more than 15 days, a self-declaration is sufficient in which to report the period of stay and domicile to access the administration of the second dose. The organization is delegated to the various local health authorities of Abruzzo, each of which has activated its own email addresses and procedures for applying. For the province of L'Aquila, you can write to:; for the province of Chieti:; for the province of Pescara:; for the province of Teramo:


The coronavirus emergency portal of the region contains instructions and procedures for those wishing to access anti- Covid-19 (both first and second dose) but comes from another region. Proceed by pre-accession on this site: https:// (and possible request for authorization), but not for those residing in regions that already use the portal of the Italian Post Office. For the administration of the second dose (bookable as if it were the first, we read on the website) it will be necessary to present the documentation relating to the first.


For those who want to receive the second dose in Lazio , after having done it abroad or in another Italian region, there is a dedicated module on the site that manages reservations here.


Let's mention the regions together because by virtue of an agreement it is possible for the residents of the regions to receive the second dose in the other (with documentation of the first), as long as the holiday lasts at least 14 days. The site for booking in Piedmont is: (for those born before 2006). For those from Piedmont who want to get vaccinated in Liguria, visit


Relatively simple is the solution adopted by the Marche: without reservation, you can go , on the day scheduled for the second dose (with certificate / documentation of the first received elsewhere) at the population vaccination points or hospital vaccination points. Here is the map of where they are located.


You can apply on this site: interest-tourists (at the time of writing in maintenance though). Here too, to receive the second dose - depending on availability - it is necessary to stay for at least two weeks and present the documentation with the details of the first one.


Similarly - 14 days minimum stay - it is also possible to book the second dose of vaccine in Trentino for those who have received it in another region or abroad. Here is the form to fill out.

Aosta Valley

To receive the second dose on holiday in the region, the channel is the "Infovaccini" telephone channel (0165 54 62 22). Information on the first dose received and self-declaration regarding the reasons for the stay (minimum in this case of one month) are the required requirements.

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