The Farnesina has issued a note on travel abroad at risk for the delta variant

The Farnesina has issued a note on travel abroad at risk for the delta variant

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns that any movement may involve a health risk, inviting citizens to be extremely cautious in the event of travel abroad

Travelers waiting to leave from Milan Central Station (photo: Marco Passaro) The spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus is leading to a new increase in infections throughout Europe, despite the progress of the vaccination campaign and the entry into force of the green pass - the European certification that certifies vaccination, recovery or negativity from a test for Covid-19. For this reason, in the height of the tourist season, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published a new notice inviting Italian citizens to be extremely cautious and warning them to follow the instructions of the local authorities to the letter in case of staying abroad.

"All those who intend to go abroad, regardless of destination and reasons", reads the Farnesina website, "must consider that any movement, in this period, may involve a health risk". Citizens are therefore invited to plan each trip with the "utmost attention", contemplating the possibility of having to spend quarantine periods abroad, in the event of a positive swab, and have health insurance that covers the coronavirus infection.

Furthermore, the press release reminds you that, in the event of a positive swab, it is not possible to travel on public and commercial transport and that you are subject to the health regulations established by the country in which you are. These provisions also concern any "contacts" with positive subjects, therefore the obligation to swab to check the state of health and preventive quarantines can also be imposed on those who have simply been "exposed" to the risk of contagion, but have not yet ascertained its positivity. "To protect public health" concludes the notice from the Foreign Ministry, anyone who has been in contact with positive people or has tested positive for an anti Covid-19 test will be able to "return to Italy" only "at the end of the period expected isolation ”.

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