Xbox Game Studios: Microsoft may announce a new acquisition at E3 2021

Xbox Game Studios: Microsoft may announce a new acquisition at E3 2021

Xbox Game Studios

For a while there has been talk of Microsoft's desire to further expand the number of first party development studios, so as to expand the Xbox Game Studios offer. According to Jez Corden, face and pen of Windows Central, during the next E3 2021 conference the Redmond giant could make the announcement of a new acquisition.

In the past Corden has anticipated various information from Microsoft that has been revealed then accurate. In this case, the colleague, speaking of the recent rumors regarding a new IP bought by Microsoft, said that, according to the rumors that reached his ear, this new series would not be a triple-A, but would be bought together with a new studio.

Continuing the speech he added that "there is a very good chance that at least one new acquisition will be announced during the show", namely Microsoft's E3 2021 conference.

In a following message Corden said that for the moment has no "proof" of the above, but confirmed that he "wouldn't be surprised" by a new announcement.

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Microsoft Might Announce A New Xbox Studio Acquisition at E3 2021

Windows Central reporter believes that an Xbox studio acquisition announcement is highly possible at Microsoft’s E3 2021 press conference.

Xbox Game Studios is currently big enough with the merger of Bethesda and ZeniMax development teams, but Phil Spencer apparently wouldn’t mind adding even more creative studios to their portfolio of developers.

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  • With the Bethesda acquisition, Microsoft proved that they can sign big deals in complete silence without leaving any trace for leaks and rumors. That’s why we can’t ignore another acquisition surprise for this year from Phil Spencer and his team at Xbox.

    Avowed – Official Announce Trailer



    Avowed – Official Announce Trailer





    Microsoft Could Have a New Acquisition Up Its Sleeve

    According to a few messages from Jez Corden, the Windows Central reporter, there is a good chance of an acquisition announcement at Microsoft’s E3 2021 press conference.

    The reporter who has previously leaked various info on unannounced Microsoft projects says that he has heard some very good rumors that Microsoft has acquired a number of IPs through a new acquisition.

    Unfortunately, he didn’t go into the specifics of the rumors, and it would be really tough to guess the new Microsoft target.

    Previously, there were some rumors around an IO Interactive acquisition, but the studio officially rejected the rumors and stated that they would remain independent.

    According to Corden, the IPs are not big triple-A franchises, so we should probably think about studios or even publishers with low-budget projects. At one point in the past, there were rumors around the acquisition of The Farm 51 studio by Microsoft. The team is now developing Chernobylite.

    Microsoft + Bethesda E3 2021 showcase will officially go live on June 12. It’s almost a week from now, which means we don’t need to wait too long to find out about the rumors above.

    What do you think about a new Xbox studio acquisition? Let us know in the comments.

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