Xbox Game Pass, the catalog of available games

Xbox Game Pass, the catalog of available games

Xbox Game Pass

Update 06/01/2021

Added soon to Xbox Game Pass

Darkest Dungeon (Cloud, Console, PC) For Honot (Cloud, Console) The Wild At Heart (Cloud) Backbone (PC)

Removed from Xbox Game Pass Soon

Ace Combat 7 (Console) Night Call (Cloud, Console, PC) West of Dead (Cloud, Console, PC) Wizard of Legend (Cloud, Console, PC ) Observation (Cloud, Console, PC)

Future upcoming games already confirmed

Starfield The Elder Scrolls VI Deathloop (2022) The Ascent (2021) Scorn (2021) Ghostwire Tokyo (2022) Halo Infinite (end 2021) STALKE.R. 2 Fable Avowed Hellblade II Forza Motorsport State of Decay 3 As Dusk Falls The Gunk Everwild Recompile The Wild at Heart Astria Ascending Omno She Dreams Elsewhere Nobody Saves the World Moonglow Bay Dead Static Drive Little Witch in the Wood Art of Rally Craftopia Undungeon Sable Way of the woods Library of Ruina Backbone Edge of Ethernity Hello Neighbor 2 Boyfriend Dungeon Psychonauts 2 What is Xbox Game Pass? It is a subscription that allows you to download and play more than 200 games on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Windows PC - as well as being able to stream them with xCloud on Android (Tablet and smartphone). The titles within the Xbox One service also include backwards compatible Xbox and Xbox 360 games. Every month the list is updated with new additions, but also some releases. Xbox Game Pass is currently split into two subscriptions, one dedicated to Xbox console-only games and the other dedicated to PC titles. If you want to take advantage of both, we recommend Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which allows you to take advantage of both subscriptions plus Xbox Live Gold. In this article we list in detail the Xbox Game Pass game lists constantly updated with a lot of possible improvement for Xbox Series X | S.

Xbox Game Pass Titles Announced For June

Microsoft has revealed the latest batch of games that'll be available in June for Xbox Game Pass, which will start the month off with a mix of detective work, despair, and medieval melee combat.

The handcrafted world of puzzles and secrets in The Wild at Heart is available right now on cloud devices that support Game Pass, while Ubisoft's long-running multiplayer combat bloodsport For Honor will be available from June 3 on Xbox consoles and the cloud.

On June 8, Game Pass for PC will add Backbone, a post-noir detective mystery set in a dystopian world. Plus you can play as a raccoon gumshoe named Howard Lotor in this game, which is pretty neat.

June is off to a solid start on Xbox Game PassJune is off to a solid start on Xbox Game Pass

Finally, Darkest Dungeon will be made available on June 10 for console, PC, and the cloud. A challenging gothic roguelike with turn-based RPG elements, Darkest Dungeon not only challenges you to survive dangerous catacombs with a team of flawed heroes, but you'll also have to deal with the lingering mental strain placed on these adventurers as they venture further into the darkness.

To make room for these new games, several other titles will be leaving Xbox Game Pass. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, Night Call, West of Dead, Wizard of Legend, and Observation will all rotate out of the service on June 15. A number of perks can also be claimed if you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription, which you can see in the breakdown below:

Xbox Game Pass New Additions

June 1

  • The Wild at Heart - Cloud
  • June 3

  • For Honor - Cloud and console
  • June 8

    June 10

  • Darkest Dungeon - Cloud, console, and PC
  • Leaving Xbox Game Pass June 15
  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (Console)
  • Night Call (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • West of Dead (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Wizard of Legend (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Observation (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks
  • Dirt 5: Power Your Memes Pack – Available Now
  • Super Animal Royale: Founder's Edition Pack – Available Now
  • Apex Legends: Knockout City Weapon Charm – June 3
  • Recent additions to Game Pass include off-road racing game SnowRunner, puzzle game Peggle 2 for the cloud, and Knockout City for console and PC. If you're looking to see what else is worth playing on Microsoft's subscription service, check out the best games available with Xbox Game Pass and our guides to the best Xbox One games of all time and the best Xbox Series X games available currently.

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