The Lista Representative on tour with a feminist and ecological collective rite

The Lista Representative on tour with a feminist and ecological collective rite

The queer band tells us about the live session that starts today, June 26, from Verona and continues until September 14 for the grand finale in Bologna. Waiting to know the new single (ready) and the next battles (increasingly linked together)

(Photo: Silvia Cingano) With their Amare they were one of the great revelations of the Sanremo 2021 Festival, the one that it had to be from the rebirth and instead it will be remembered for the absence of the public and the epidemic that did not retreat. Now it seems that things are slowly returning to a new, different and more conscious normalcy. In this light at the end of the tunnel we are accompanied by Dario Mangiaracina and Veronica Lucchesi, leading exponents of the queer band The Representative of Lista, with their My Mamma Tour which, after the zero date in Arezzo, on June 26th officially starts from Verona to continue in Ferrara (2 July), Genoa (3), Gardone Riviera (9), Milan (14), Turin (15), Codroipo (17), Florence (30). And again Grottaglie (13 August), Isola Maggiore on Lake Trasimeno (20), Livorno (2 September), Galzignano Terme (3), Rome (7). The grand finale (for now) on 14 September in Bologna. We meet them immediately after the date which is generally needed to take the measurements before the official one. Thus, at the end of a night of music and sweat they are ready to present the concerts of the return, to blossom with their sounds now hypnotic, now dancing, now deep.

Let's start from the landing to the mainstream, also thanks to Sanremo.

[D] “The impact with such a large audience has invited us to define our borders even more, to better understand who we are, what is needed when exhibits to such a vast audience. Despite facing the mainstream, we are still a band with a strong character of independence, we have written it on our skin ".

And let's get to the live: after the zero date, we start on the 26th.

[D] “We are finally able to tell what the record is about. We just lacked the routine of explaining the album to people, in order to understand it better too. And then, for the first time, we will have a huge repertoire. We sing a unique story and we get to people as it was at the debut ".

How will the concert be concretely?

[V]" We open it with some songs by My Mamma, because it seemed interesting to us to immerse ourselves in this new world ".

[D]" The live opens like the record ".

[V]" The songs walk on tiptoe on stage. One plunges, as Religiously wants, into this sea and, little by little, the flow of the concert is growing. There are some explosive and slightly crazy moments in which we go back in time. And let's go and find Go Go Diva - with Ti amo, Alibi, Cursed tenderness, This body - which join in an amazing way with new songs like Alieno and V.G.G.G. (Very Good Glenn Gould). Then, it turns into a show that brings the themes that have always been dear to us and that cross our entire discography: the albums Bu Bu Sad, Go Go Diva and My Mamma are called into question to launch these slogans that the public receives, fortunately , as their own. This is how we conclude what we can call a collective rite ".

Many dates are sold out.

[V]" We hoped that many people would follow us, we believed there was a great desire to meet and resume the threads of a discussion that has already begun ".

[D]" We understand that sold out, as far as the news is concerned, are an error of assessment: you could choose locations with a greater capacity, we are still happy that people have had this impetus in buying tickets, in staying close to us ".

(Photo: Silvia Cingano) In Amare there is the verse" screaming after crying ": can it be the synthesis of your return to the scene?

[D] “Absolutely yes. In fact, in the lineup of the concert Amare comes with the role of underlining and reminding us of what is happening right now: live shows are a beautiful world to recover from a bad period ".

It has influenced your creative universe, this "bad time"?

[V] “A lot. For us it was a time that we allowed ourselves to do research, of great reflection and growth, to go through something new: an important background to have. We started writing, even a little out of desperation and it represented an important and intense moment to reflect together with others who will grasp these questions, on issues such as growth, on what to leave in this land. The record and the tour are just two appointments of what awaits us in the coming months ".

[D]" We realize the density accumulated in these months. In fact, the live is not carefree in all its parts ".

[V]" We also needed - and it is a feeling that permeates the whole album - not to be alone: ​​there was a need to find a community. And this is why many collaborations coexist in My Mamma and as many musicians have been involved. The expansion of our factory is important, because we need a community that embraces the project ".

Have you talked about other events: any previews?

[D] “We are working on a new single that will come out later and we would like to include it in the lineup. Then we wrote a book, the real text on which we started working together for the first time ten years ago. In this period of forced stop he also supported us for the realization of the record ".

[V]" As if it were the opera libretto of My Mamma that develops like a novel ".

Even relationships, as you said, have changed

[D] “We will easily get used to human contacts again, or at least we hope so. We are interested in the non-linear aspects of relationships, we like to tell about alternative facets, to question ".

[V]" As if we put a question mark on love relationships ".

[ D] “But also between mothers, fathers, children”.

[V] “Lately we have become accustomed to relationships based on conflict, fear, generalized panic. We would like to renew and hold back the moments of joy. We are not used to remembering the moments that make us feel good. Because feeling good makes you forget even desires. And abandoning them can be terrifying. But it is also the key to putting oneself aside and opening up to others.

Speaking of conflicts and fears, there is an ongoing clash between vax and no vax, between those who are in favor of vaccines and who is not.

[D] “I have a degree in Medicine and I have a strong position on the subject”.

[V] crucial: images and a representation that creates fear, such as that of syringes, and of dramatic and tragic faces, are experienced. Vaccines seem to be the hardest thing in the world, while the salvation of humanity is also determined by them. "

You call yourself a queer band. How do you place yourself in front of the very topical question that contrasts the Zan Bill with the Concordat of the Church?

[D] “It touches us like any message on freedom and human dignity”.

[V] “Everyone is talking about it a little after the tremendous and categorical declaration of the Church. It seems a topic that has become fashionable, also espoused by unlikely political figures. "

[D]" We find legislative delays embarrassing. There is a need to keep certain issues underlying for political, principled or audience reasons. Then we have many other dear themes, given that we are supporters of the intersectionality of the struggle: it is necessary to think about change, going into more battles. We must consider ourselves feminists, ecologists and work for human rights. They are all related issues ”.

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