Tom MacDonald is the first conservative rapper to climb the charts

Tom MacDonald is the first conservative rapper to climb the charts

His lyrics have been described as pro Trump and against cancel culture. Moreover, they criticize the Black Lives Matter movement, encourage the use of weapons and take sides against abortion. While they grind millions of views on YouTube

(Photo: from YouTube) In the United States, rap is considered a progressive music and close to minorities, because it has been brought to the top by African American artists. This is why Tom MacDonald's recent success amazed most. Canadian, he is climbing the American charts after having captured iTunes in the past and having obtained 553 million views on YouTube with songs that criticize the Black Lives Matter movement, encourage the use of weapons and take sides against abortion. Issues close to Donald Trump and QAnon, which led to MacDonald being listed as the first conservative rapper with right-wing political sympathies to climb the charts.

Who is Tom MacDonald

Born in 1988, the tattooed MacDonald moved from Canada to Los Angeles to attempt a career in wrestling. After a few matches with little following, he decided to devote himself to music and his favorite genre of him: rap. The singer cited Eminem as the main inspirer and even bought the NFT of a song by the 8 Mile artist to be able to sample it in a new single. The first hit came with the 2018 pieces White Boy and Straight White Male that talk about the alleged difficulties of white men in the United States. The concept is often at the center of the online debates of Trump's staunchest supporters, who believe that the spread of movements like Black Lives Matter has made their lifestyle worse. Another main enemy of Tom MacDonald are the so-called snowflakes, or those people who, according to detractors, are too easily offended and are unable to accept political ideas other than their own. Just in the single Snowflakes, the rapper sings: “Do you think taking away the guns will save our kids from the murders? Your pro-abortion kills many more children "; and spares no offense against those who use inclusive pronouns like they / them: "And now everyone wants to protect the feelings of millennials, He, she, them, who cares about a pronoun". The song reached the top of the iTunes hip-hop chart and has seven million views on YouTube to date. The accompanying video features trans activist Blaire White, known for her right-wing positions and for expressing negative views on developments in modern feminism.

Close to Donald Trump's favorite themes

MacDonald's videos respect the classic schemes of trap music, with luxurious cars and dancers in the foreground. Even the beats are similar to those of the most famous rap songs and the artist demonstrates that he knows how to fit the rhymes and keep time like a long-time professional. It is the lyrics that leave a lot of listeners baffled: in the comments to his songs on YouTube and on social media, fans and those who mock him or accuse him of being pro Trump and close to QAnon alternate. In response he tweeted: “I'm not in favor of Trump. I'm not anti-Trump. I am in favor of the people. I am showing understanding towards a group of voters who are rarely granted ”. A not so obvious denial that has again put him in the eye of the storm, but which has inevitably increased the number of plays of his pieces. At the moment MacDonald is not under contract with a major label: it is difficult for an important label to approach an artist who, in the song Fake Woke, says: "Cancel culture now rules the world, the planet has gone crazy and indicates everything. what we say as homophobic or racist. Feminism was the fairest of struggles, but these days they seem to secretly hate males ”. American music sites and magazines have not given much space to the Tom MacDonald phenomenon and he therefore accused them of avoiding it because it is contrary to the political and social trends in vogue today. Words that sound just like the ones Donald Trump used to use.

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