What is happening in Israel with the Delta variant?

What is happening in Israel with the Delta variant?

In Israel there is an increase in Covid-19 cases due largely to the Delta variant, but it is not a point in favor of the No Vax. That's why

(illustration: Getty Images) These days Israel is also seeing an increase in Covid-19 cases, despite the massive and rapid vaccination campaign (about 85% of the adult population has been vaccinated with mRna, 57% of the total). It is estimated that this new epidemic is largely due to the arrival in the country of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, which would be responsible for at least half of the vaccinated and unvaccinated cases. The data is being updated and considering the times, any conclusion would be premature. Precisely for this reason, the experts point out, it makes no sense to use these few evidences to discredit vaccines, which instead seem to continue to provide good protection against variants, including Delta, upon completion of the cycle.

The situation in Israel

There would be more than 700 new cases of Covid-19 in Israel, so much so that according to the Our World in Data project of the University of Oxford, the weekly average would have increased from a few dozen cases to a hundred . Serious cases, however, would be a very small number.

According to the statements released by the epidemiologist Ran Balicer, head of the Israeli health directorate general, 50% of new infections concern minors, many of whom are not have still been vaccinated (Israel has recently approved anti-Covid vaccination for 12-15 year-olds), while of the other 50% among adults half would have occurred among vaccinated people.

Figures that are of no concern for the moment and remain within the expected range, as Enrico Bucci explains in Il Foglio. The numbers reflect the composition of the real population, which as far as adults are concerned is largely made up (ratio of almost 6 to 1) by vaccinated people.

The data are still few, too recent and being updated for to be able to draw conclusions, despite someone trying to pull them in support of their thesis.

Vaccines do not work against the Delta variant?

Currently, when placed in their context, neither the Israeli numbers nor do the British ones suggest the failure of vaccines against the Delta variant. Studies have already been conducted to evaluate its efficiency, and the first data are reassuring with the Pfizer vaccine which covers about 80% in the full cycle and the AstraZeneca full cycle vaccine for about 60%. It is also probable that even in the case of infection, the protection conferred by the vaccine prevents severe forms. The tests will, of course, continue.

Is the Delta variant more dangerous?

It is yet to be understood. At the moment, the hospitalization rate in Israel has not increased, but it is known that hospitalizations begin to appear a little later than the identification of new cases. However, the death rate in the United Kingdom, where the Delta variant is now the dominant one and the percentage of the population with a complete vaccination course is lower than that of Israel, is of no concern.

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