The J-POP releases of June 23, 2021

The J-POP releases of June 23, 2021

The J-POP releases of June 23

Through the official website of the publishing house, the J-POP issues of June 23 were released. Worth noting is the single volume Il Nome di lui era Gilbert - The girls who changed the story of Keiko Takemiya, the third to last volume of La Fenice by Osamu Tezuka and Sword Art Online - Light Novel 15 - Alicization Invading.

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The J-POP releases of June 23, 2021

His name was Gilbert - The girls who changed the history of the manga

by Keiko Takemiya

Price: € 14.00

Keiko Takemiya arrives in Tokyo after making her debut in the manga world at a very young age and finds herself almost a prisoner of her new job, made up of impossible deadlines, extreme rhythms and loneliness. A condition that will lead her to rethink the basics of Japanese comics in the months she will spend at the "Salone Oizumi", that is, the flat shared with colleagues and battlemates with whom she decides to revolutionize every aspect of manga for girls. Through difficult moments and successes, Keiko Takemiya recounts the steps and challenges that led her to usher in a new era for manga and confides the secrets and background of the life of a great mangaka.

Buy His name was Gilbert - The girls who changed the story of manga on Amazon.

Komi can't communicate 7

by Tomohito Oda

Price: € 5.90

Komi has more and more friends and enjoys her high school life, despite the ailment that afflicts her. While she was having fun, the winter holidays arrived. She would like to go out with everyone else, but she can't invite them ... But, knowing how she is, it's her friends who invite her! Between her first Christmas party, a surprise and a New Year's visit to the temple, these holidays for Komi also look serene. Maybe…

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La Fenice 10 (of 12)

by Osamu Tezuka

Price: € 12.00

Begun in 1954 and continued several times until 1988, the saga of La Fenice is a monumental effort in which the master Tezuka experimented with narrative and graphic solutions that are still extraordinary today. With the Book of the Sun, the longest of the chapters that make up this work and the last to be completed before his death, the God of Manga gives free rein to his creative streak with the confidence of a mature author. And, between divine wars and time travel, the obsessions of humanity are always at the center of the scene, determined to capture the ineluctable power represented by the Phoenix.

Buy La Fenice 10 (of 12) on Amazon.

Sword Art Online - LIGHT NOVEL 15 - Alicization Invading

by Reki Kawahara, abec

Price: € 14.00

Eugeo's death and Kirito's catatonic state were the price to pay to defeat the High Priestess Administrator. Six months have passed since that terrible fight. Alice now lives in the village of Rulid with Kirito who, unwilling and with a blank expression, cannot move from his wheelchair. The girl has decided to leave Bercouli with the task of protecting the human world and living in peace and tranquility with Kirito, but the final phase of the loading experiment is getting closer and closer. While the poisonous breath of the Dark Territory has already begun to penetrate the human world…

Stray 2

by Keigo Shinzo

Price: € 7.50

The life of Inspector Hajime Yamada, who specializes in crimes against minors, no longer makes sense after his daughter's early death. A light is rekindled in his dark existence, however, when he runs into a young girl who ran away from home, who prostitutes herself to survive and who ... looks terrifyingly like her daughter who has disappeared. A hard, profound and sincere story about the encounter between a man who has lost hope and a woman who has never known her.

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Karma of Purgatory 3

by Shun Hirose and Negi Haruba

Price: € 5.90

Makoto's existence is hellish, at school he is a victim of bullies and at his father's house. Only the crush on his classmate Kirisaki keeps him going, and when he receives compliments from her for his skill in drawing he is convinced that a happier life is possible ... But fate has an even crueler joke in mind for him which pushes him to suicide, and all this does not seem to be enough: awakened in a kind of purgatory, Makoto discovers that he has to return to Earth to help those he would have damaged with his death!

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