Sea of ​​Thieves: This awaits you pirate crossover with Jack Sparrow

Sea of ​​Thieves: This awaits you pirate crossover with Jack Sparrow

Sea of ​​Thieves

During this year's E3, Rare and Microsoft announced the release date for the new Sea of ​​Thieves expansion and surprised fans with it. On the one hand because the content can be played in the same month and on the other hand because it is completely free. The new content is also surprising because no normal Sea-of-Thieves (buy now € 36.77) stories await us in this five-part adventure. This time we are faced with the ultimate pirate crossover. We're talking about nothing more than the Pirates of the Caribbean.

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1 Hoist the sails! 2 It's called CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow! 3 Yoho, yoho! Pirates are good! 4 Take what you can get and don't give anything back! You read right. From June 22nd you can fight side by side with the one and only Jack Sparrow in naval battles. In the run-up to the release, we were able to gather a lot of impressions of the new content as part of a large presentation and chat extensively with the developers. You can read everything you need to know here.

Sea of ​​Thieves has been making pirate dreams come true since 2018. The start was a bit bumpy, but now there are more players than never before on the digital seas from Rare. They were attracted by the regularly appearing additions to the game, which gradually turned it into a full-fledged pirate adventure. With A Pirate's Life, the makers want to go one step further. Disney makes it possible. Preparations began in 2019 after Disney contacted Rare with the proposal to combine the world of Sea of ​​Thieves with the world of Pirates of the Caribbean. A connection that couldn't fit better than, well, buttocks on buckets.

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Hoist the sails!

The answer to this question awaits the players in the five-part new Tall Tale. As with the existing Tall Tales, you will experience an adventure rich in history. This is where the similarities stop. With the new expansion, the creators of Sea of ​​Thieves are introducing a slightly different kind of storytelling with the help of Disney. The story becomes more cinematic, bigger and more interactive. There will be new types of puzzles that, unlike in the previous Tall Tales, will integrate more into the story and also advance it.

Each of the five Tall Tales will visit brand new locations so that no more islands are visited Need to become. For the most part, the storyline will take place in the Sea of ​​the Damned, which players normally only enter when they die and respawn from there. In collaboration with Disney, a whole new story was created with the world and characters from Pirates of the Caribbean. Elements from the Pirates of the Caribbean films and even the Disneyland attraction of the same name merge with the world of Sea of ​​Thieves and are intended to create a whole new experience. The Sea of ​​the Damned is just waiting to be discovered. Source: Microsoft

It's called CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!

To make the trip as authentic as possible, we get the only true Captain Jack Sparrow as a crew member on our ship. At the Klabautermann! Unlike the old Tall Tales, there will be NPCs in A Pirate's Life who actively participate in the action. So Jack will not only sail with us, but also fight opponents and use cannons with us. He also insists on commenting on our actions at every opportunity to add his mustard. Even in the preview, he looks like the unique Jack Sparrow from the films, whom we know and love.

To bring him to life, the developers of Rare have spared no effort and used every Disney magic, that they could get their hands on. Since Johnny Depp himself no longer has a contract with Disney, a collaboration with him had to be waived. His stunt double from the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film, Simon Newton, was able to remedy the situation. Simon knows the kind of Jack Sparrow down to the smallest detail and helped to re-enact scenes for A Pirate's Life, of course in full Jack Sparrow gear. This enabled Jack Sparrow to be animated as authentically as possible in the game. Even if he just stands around, he won't lose his Jack Sparrow manner. You can get over the fact that in this version he was spoken by Jared Butler, who already lent his voice to Jack in Kingdom Hearts 3. The character Jack Sparrow can be recognized and that is actually the most important thing.

Besides Jack, we also get other new characters on our journey. With the talking skull of a pirate, we literally receive a travel guide through the Sea of ​​the Damned. This leads us through the new environment and will have one or the other sailor's thread ready to provide background information about the realm of the dead. Just like Jack, he won't be able to take a comment or two about our actions.

Jack Sparrow's right-hand man, Gibbs, will also be part of A Pirate's Life. Source: Microsoft In the preview we could catch a glimpse of Jack Sparrow's right-hand man, Joshamee Gibbs. And of course Davy Jones. So far we cannot confirm whether the other new NPCs are just as interactive. But the fact is that Davy Jones will play an important role in the story as an antagonist. In the world of Sea of ​​Thieves he no longer has any influence on the souls of the dead, as he is actually used to. He will certainly want to compensate for this disadvantageous balance of power.

Yoho, yoho! Pirates are good!

A Pirate's Life will not depend on the older Tall Tales and can even be played by new players immediately after completing the tutorial mission. The level of difficulty is adapted to the respective size of the crew so that the missions can also be played alone. In addition, this new valley happens isolated from other players. Only you and your own crew will be able to participate in the experience. This also means that nobody can interfere during the trip. Except, of course, the enemies, and there are plenty of them in A Pirate's Life.

The "Ocean Crawlers" are new and dangerous enemies that are equipped with different and unique attacks. Source: Microsoft In addition to the new characters, new opponents will also be introduced. Soon it is not only possible to fight against skeletons. On land we will also have to hold our own against phantoms, ghosts of pirates left behind in the Sea of ​​the Damned. And so-called "ocean crawlers", human-like crab creatures who hardly remember the crew of Davy Jones. Sirens lurk for us in the depths of the sea to make our adventure more difficult. The "Ocean Crawlers" as well as the Sirens come in several variants, work together and defend each other against attacks. This brings a new twist to the previous style of play. Last but not least, it is of course also important to watch out for Davy Jones himself.

In order to be able to defend against these new dangers, the makers give us a magical trident that has been found in the course of history can be. With it, the players get a weapon that shoots rays, which can take on the opponents if you are clever.

The whole thing is accompanied by a very special music. In addition to specially composed songs for A Pirate's Life, well-known melodies from the Pirates of the Caribbean films will also be heard. A treat for the ears of the fans of the pirate saga, so to speak.

Take what you can get and don't give anything back!

The one and only true Black Pearl should of course not be missing in A Pirate's Life. Source: Microsoft But even when the adventure is over and you have hopefully made it out of the Sea of ​​the Damned (or not), Rare has other surprises in store. In normal game play, the expansion of the world through A Pirate's Life will also be noticeable. So far, players have only had to deal with skeletons, sharks, octopuses and other players as opponents while they were sailing across the seas. Now we will also encounter all opponents from A Pirate's Life in the normal game. It can happen that when diving for a wreck, sirens attack.

On land, not only skeletons encounter pirates looking for treasure, but also "ocean crawlers". So that the players can defend themselves against the permanent threats outside of the expansion, the magical trident will also appear in the normal world, ready to be found. For the makers, this innovation is the perfect way to make the merging of both worlds clear.

And what would such a connection be without the right cosmetic items to proudly present on the seas? Make your ship look like the famous Black Pearl, give your loyal dog companion the look of the clever dog with the keys in its mouth from the movies, or dress up as Jack Sparrow and behave like him with the appropriate emotes. The possibilities are diverse and promise a lot of fun with your crew. These items will of course be given as rewards after completing the A-Pirate's-Life quest.

The expansion looks bigger than anything previous in Sea of ​​Thieves. And the connection with Pirates of the Caribbean is one that was just waiting to happen and that couldn't be better. It remains to be seen whether all the innovations will actually be as convincing as they were in the presentation. The in-house Sea of ​​Thieves humor at least seems to persist in A Pirate's Life. Now there is probably nothing left but to hoist the sails yourself and go on an adventure trip with the unique Captain Jack Sparrow.

A Pirate's Life is available for free from June 22nd on PC and Xbox consoles experience for yourself. Set sail and tell us about your sailing adventures!

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