Metal Slug Tactics, the preview

Metal Slug Tactics, the preview

Metal Slug Tactics

Metal Slug is a series that has made history, one of those that has seen our Lira wear out, coin after coin, in the cabinets; no matter if its debut was, now twenty-five years ago, on Neo Geo, finding oneself in bars or arcades (perhaps while on vacation) had a unique charm for which one was willing to empty one's pockets a little. The memorable games even with complete strangers, the challenges to finish the game with a single coin, or to conquer the podium in the ranking, in short, it is likely that most of the good memories related to the series are kept there, in those arcades where you have passed. whole afternoons or even evenings.

For years there has been a need for a new Metal Slug on PC and / or console. After the various conversions of Metal Slug 7, however, we never expected that the great return would be a tactical RPG with roguelite elements, but it's beautiful as well, because Metal Slug Tactics is the game we didn't know we wanted: we explain why in our preview of Metal Slug Tactics.

Mission Start!

Throughout its long career, Metal Slug hasn't always stayed true to its side-scrolling shooter nature - there have been also spin-offs in 3D and even tower-defense. We had not yet seen a strictly tactical experience and Dotemu must have read our thoughts, or in our subconscious, guessing practically everything at a glance: presentation, soundtrack, nostalgia effect, artistic style, characterization of the characters ...

In short, from the premises we were very impressed and enthusiastic, then everything will have to be tested and evaluated on the merits, but for the moment the expectations are very high. The development team is certainly not a beginner, boasting titles in its portfolio as with Pang! Adventures, the remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap and none other than Streets of Rage 4. We therefore feel quite confident in entrusting him with the unexpected return of the series. Moreover, they are not even strangers to Metal Slug, because they have dealt with some conversions for home consoles: SNK therefore chose wisely who to have the torch carried but, instead of focusing on yet another "regular" chapter, opted for a change of unexpected direction by choosing an isometric strategy.

In terms of history, because yes Metal Slug has its own not too bizarre narrative line, we know that General Donald Morden makes his great return. Having long been hiding in a country that opposes world government, he has patiently orchestrated a coup and is finally ready to take revenge by exploiting the army he has collected over the years. The Peregrine Falcons will have to do everything in their power to overcome enemy lines and take down (again) Morden before the war erupts out of control. Our favorite quartet of heroes - Marco, Eri, Fio and Tarma - is once again available, equipped with the classic weapons present in the canonical chapters of the series and whose effects will vary depending on the type. Obviously the grenades are inevitable, which will not just wipe out enemies but will even affect the surrounding environment, reshaping it according to the explosion: a tactic that is perfect for killing multiple enemies in one shot.

Tactical but also role-playing

Metal Slug Tactics, the tank in action If the strategic aspect does not satisfy you enough, Dotemu has increased the dose by adding role-playing mechanics that are not limited to simple turn-based battles on grid. In fact, we know that he will have a personal card with specific characteristics designed to improve the course of the game but it is not clear if this translates into a real level up. It does not end here, however, because we will also be able to have different skill trees for each, so as to enhance and customize them to adapt them to the style that best suits them: in this way we will slowly build a synergy with teammates, in so that they make up for any shortcomings. We still don't know anything about the paraphernalia, apart from the fact that there will be well-known weapons like the Heavy Machine Gun (spoken in the right tone of voice) or the Shotgun; how they will be implemented, ie whether they must be unlocked in a precise way or will be obtained by proceeding regularly with the game, it is not known.

Same goes for the ammunition: in the classic games, each of these special weapons had a limited magazine, which could extend by finding another of the same type, but things will probably work differently here. Or maybe not, maybe some aspects will be kept and somehow adapted to the genre. We are curious to find out. Above all, however, we want to know if in addition to the Metal Slug owners (who still do not know how they will integrate into the gameplay), we will be able to have an ostrich on our side; maybe a camel; or even better, an elephant. It would be spectacular to see these mounts enter the game, if only for one turn as a special ability, because it would be yet another pleasant dive into memories.

Tactical, role-playing and even roguelite!

Metal Slug Tactics, will the characters be able to synchronize with each other? Dotemu didn't spare herself this time, deciding to offer us the complete package: Metal Slug Tactics will in fact include roguelite elements, with clashes and scenario structure generated in part randomly - just like it happens in X-COM. A choice that enhances replayability and makes every fight not only varied but also unpredictable. In this triumph of nostalgia, the campaign is certainly not lacking, characterized by specific missions which, according to the trailer, will offer revisited versions of historical bosses.

There is really everything in this unexpected spin-off of the saga, even more than we would have imagined: Marco, Tarma, Fio and Eri are the main characters, this however does not make them the undisputed protagonists because if well we look at the promotional material it talks about "building your own team of heroes", which leads us to consider the presence of additional fighters. Maybe to be unlocked by respecting certain conditions. The possibilities are endless and we can't wait to find out more: Metal Slug Tactics, for now only available in PC version, would seem a respectful homage to the timeless classic but also an imaginative approach to celebrating the series. The aesthetics that have always distinguished him, the immediately recognizable soundtrack, the Peregrine Falcons, all adapted to a roguelite strategic RPG that promises great satisfaction. We would really like to have it sooner.

Metal Slug Tactics is that game we didn't know we wanted. An unexpected and potentially fresh detour for the series, which perfectly mixes its classic elements with a strategic gameplay with a hint of roguelite and a role-playing component that we still know little about but could promise well. The presentation trailer was captivating enough to push us to want to know more about it as soon as possible: we expected a return of the series, it was even now, but we would never have imagined such a result. Clearly, everything will have to be tried firsthand before unbalancing but, at first glance, the impressions are positive and the desire to play it is great.


It's Metal Slug ... but it's also X-Com The roguelite elements guarantee variety and replayability Possibility that there are more characters than Marco, Fio, Tarma and Eri DOUBTS Everything that has been presented must be reflected in a proven future Have you noticed errors?

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