Battlefield 2042, let's analyze the trailer between easter eggs, memes and tributes

Battlefield 2042, let's analyze the trailer between easter eggs, memes and tributes

Battlefield 2042

Electronic Arts has announced its new first person shooter via a breathtaking trailer. We are clearly talking about Battlefield 2042, created by the historic developers of DICE with the use of the new version of the Frostbite graphics engine, ready to land on the next generation consoles. In addition to the video, the developers have provided us with additional information on the multiplayer title coming this fall. If you haven't read them yet, we invite you to take a look at our in-depth preview of Battlefield 2042, where we talked about the new maps, game modes and operators available in the game. We also remind you that in a few days, more precisely Sunday 13 June, the first gameplay trailer of this highly anticipated title will be shown during the Xbox and Bethesda conference. So stay tuned to our pages so as not to miss anything about the DICE product.

Reviewing the trailer, full of action and lively scenes, with the necessary calm, we became aware of other rather curious details. SAYS with this video wanted to create a sort of tribute to the Battlefield series, especially to its multiplayer component. In fact, in the trailer we found numerous references to previous chapters, as well as nice easter eggs dedicated to the large community of this famous shooter. In this article, therefore, we want to retrace the Battlefield 2042 trailer scene by scene, highlighting easter eggs, memes and tributes, or everything you might have missed during your vision.

Tribute to Battlefield Multiplayer

The Soldier Launching from the Elevated Platform As you learned in our preview, this Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer-only title. DICE wanted to focus on this component of the game, which has always been the real strength of the series. Precisely for this reason, in the announcement trailer the developers wanted to include numerous references to the past chapters, creating a sort of homage to their glorious past. The trailer opens with an overview of the Irreversible map, one of the most extensive in the entire game. After an explosion we notice how the soldiers are forced to abandon the helicopter landing pad and jump off the precipice. Doesn't that look like a scene from the series? In Battlefield 3 in Race mode, to switch from one section of the map to another often happened a similar scene, where the attacking team had to continue towards the new enemy charges to be detonated. During the fall, while the presence of the wingsuit is confirmed to us, another characteristic element of the series appears: the parachute. High mobility and huge gameplay scenarios made this game element necessary, long before it landed as a standard presence in modern battle royale.

Tag taken as a reward for melee kill The scenario changes and after seeing the glimpse of a metropolis (another map present in the game at launch), we are transported to a port full of containers. Here, too, we felt like we were immediately at home, with memories that resurface classic maps of the past. For example, we came up with the Arica Harbor map of Battlefield Bad Company 2, set in the middle of the desert, where in the final part we find a port loaded with containers for close clashes between the infantry. This type of combat is further highlighted by the following scene, with the soldier's stab and the subsequent tearing of the plate. If you're new to the series, this melee move might just seem like an action to enrich the trailer. Veterans, on the other hand, will know very well that the tags represent just a gameplay element of Battlefield multiplayer. When we go to eliminate an enemy with the melee, the animation shows exactly how our soldier tears the plate and then collects it as a sort of trophy to complete the challenges in the game and receive extra experience points.

Explosive scene with hovercraft on the run The focus shifts back to the Irreversible map, this time to show us some new vehicles introduced in this Battlefield 2042. In addition to seeing decidedly modern (if not futuristic) tanks, our attention goes to it is moved to militarized hovercraft. Do you remember where they were last seen? We are clearly talking about the Battlefield 4 DLC called Naval Strike, probably one of the most successful of the series. In this additional content in the Conquest mode we had to occupy different outposts on the islands present in the huge maps. A scenario that certainly brought back to life some old memories of Battlefield 1943, a nice game released in the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 era. Between a burst of fire and the other, in the scene of the trailer where we saw the hovercraft, they also appear of penguins. We don't know if they were only placed there as an easter egg, or if they will be part of the game setting, but we love having them.

Homage to the community

Quad shooting down the helicopter in Battlefield 2042 Then two truly spectacular scenes follow. At first glance they seem to have been created ad-hoc for this breathtaking trailer, but going to dig up some old memories, we realized that they were created based on the actions carried out by the players of the community. While we can admire the fantastic skyscrapers of a futuristic Dubai, a soldier targeted by a very dangerous helicopter decides to get on a quad and throw it at full speed against the aircraft to shoot it down. A scene already seen, more precisely in the Caspian Border map of Battlefield 4, where with the help of the C4 a player blew up the enemy helicopter in a similar way.

Spectacular scene from the Battlefield 2042 trailer Next we see two military fighters engaged in a rather close encounter. The first of the two decides to rise in altitude with a sudden vertical maneuver. Arriving at a certain height, the soldier leaves the vehicle with the ejection mechanism to launch an attack via the rocket launcher on the enemy fighter. By hitting the enemy vehicle, the soldier is able to resume his fighter and fly back as if nothing had happened. One player was able to do exactly the same maneuver with the Battlefield 3 jets in the Caspian Border map. The same player, seeing the trailer for the new Battlefield 2042 was thrilled not a little at the sight of his feat, revived in this new chapter of the series.

Other easter eggs

Written "Why walk when you can fly "We go down again to the ground, where we see soldiers engaged in a fight in the vegetation. We are not in nature, but in the middle of a park of the big metropolis seen at the beginning of the movie. The scenario immediately reminded us of the most recent Battlefield chapters, where we saw greener environments. But the "calm" ends immediately with the appearance of a hurricane on the horizon. Some soldiers wisely decide to flee the scene of the fight, but using an inappropriate means. The three-wheeled vehicle is another element already seen in the series, particularly in the Vietnam expansion of Battlefield Bad Company 2. Analyzing the trailer almost frame by frame, we can see another reference to the Battlefield series, this time engraved on the board. advertising on the roof of the three-wheeled vehicle.

Easter egg with the numbering of the Battlefield chapters As you can see from the image above, the phone number contains the numbers of all recent Battlefield chapters: 1942, 2 , 3, 4, 1, 5 (V) and 2042. Soon after when the three-wheeled vehicle is lifted into the air by the powerful hurricane, we can see another writing, again on the previously mentioned billboard. The text says "Why walk when you can fly" and soon after we see the wingsuit in use again, which will probably come in very handy in lively multiplayer games.

You too have you noticed these tributes or easter eggs? Let us know below in the comments, perhaps pointing out other elements that we have missed.

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