Lost Ark: EU release in autumn 2021 + All new information about the "Diablo Killer"!

Lost Ark: EU release in autumn 2021 + All new information about the Diablo Killer!

Lost Ark

By the time we finally get Blizzard's Diablo 4 into our loot-hungry fingers, the predecessor should have celebrated its tenth anniversary, and Path of Exile 2 will still have to wait until at least 2022. So which action RPG should we literally kill time with until then?

The answer comes from the Korean developer Smilegate RPG. Their long-awaited MMO hack & Slay Lost Ark will finally find its way to the west with the support of Amazon Games this fall. We talked to two developers from Amazon Games and tell you the new information about the European release!


Lost Ark: New gameplay trailer for the "Diablo Killer" loadVideoPlayer ( '83914', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured', 12, '16: 9 ', false, 1373670, false, 259767, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); With the sailing ship you sail to new continents and bag valuable flotsam on the way. Source: Amazon Games

Bosses shouldn't be missing, of course. In the open world, you fight the Obermotze together with other players who are in the area. Source: Amazon Games The secret recipe of Lost Ark is easy to explain: the action-packed, crisp battles in the style of a Diablo 3, mixed with the openness, longevity and complexity of an MMORPG. From the usual isometric perspective you will explore the continents of the steampunk fantasy world of Arkesia, send rows of demonic hordes across the Jordan in effective battles and sack prey in various levels of rarity. At the start, a total of 14 character classes in five archetypes provide the necessary damage output. You start out as a warrior, magician, pugilist, hunter or villain and decide on a subclass at experience level 10 of 50. This then determines your skills, weapons and armor for the respective character.

The classic MMO trinity of DPS, tank and support does not exist directly in Lost Ark, as all classes are primarily designed to cause damage. However, subclasses such as the Holy Knight or the Bard bring useful healing skills with them, while the warlord, for example, can attract the attention of opponents with his mocking skill Arm machine guns and double pistols. Source: Amazon Games As usual in Korean MMORPGs, the character class determines the gender of your character, which is also adopted in the EU version. However, developer Smilegate has already started to deliver alternative versions of the classes for the opposite sex in the Asian Lost Ark. In addition, Amazon Games wants to add some diversity options to the character editor in this country. Your journey to the level cap will be accompanied by an extensive story with which the game has already won over fans and critics in Asia. According to the developers, the 30- to 40-hour campaign brings together a lot of steampunk and sci-fi elements as well as classic fantasy.

It also comes with tons of dialogues that the Amazon Games for the release in Wants to localize the West completely and set it to music - also in German! A huge effort, as the publisher emphasized several times, which should probably also explain the long waiting time for the EU version. Amazon's in-house MMORPG New World, which will be released on August 31, should not have stood in the way of the implementation of Lost Ark.

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Lost Ark: Release of the MMORPG 2021 via Amazon

It could be that Amazon will be the publisher of the much anticipated MMORPG Lost Ark in Europe and the USA. PC 0

Lost Ark: MMORPG will probably no longer appear in 2020

According to current reports, the leek of the MMORPG Lost Ark will not take place this year either. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1373670,1356562,1341414'; The campaign can particularly shine in impressively staged missions, in which you take part in large-scale siege missions with countless NPCs or cause destruction on board a combat robot. Apart from that, Lost Ark looks damn good, as it did when it was announced. Above all, the effects of your various attacks have a lot of steam and let enemies fly through the area whole or chopped up, that it is a real pleasure. The left mouse button is itching!

Everyone plays DPS: Apart from a few support skills, all classes are primarily designed to kill monsters. Source: Amazon Games

Speaking of mouse: For the time being, the PC will remain your only gateway to the world of Lost Ark. Console or smartphone versions are not planned. Fortunately, Amazon does not push you to a proprietary launcher, but publishes the game regularly on Steam. According to Amazon, Lost Ark is primarily focused on story PvE content, most of which you can play on your own if you wish. The maximum possible number of players varies depending on the activity. Open-world bosses and "raids" named hunts for particularly tough monsters scale the level of difficulty according to the level and the number of your fellow combatants.

What do MMOs need besides fighting and teamwork? Craft! Source: Amazon Games The effects of your attacks make a lot of difference and like to break down opponents into their individual parts. Source: Amazon Games Aside from the dead chic carnage, you can also engage in peaceful handicrafts, build your own castle that serves as a home for NPCs and players, and even explore the seas with your upgradeable sailing ship. PvP initially takes place in a demarcated coliseum in the form of duels and 3 versus 3 matches, but spontaneous player fights in the open world have already been announced. In contrast to open world PvP, the equipment bonuses of the opponents are adjusted to each other in arena battles. So the focus is on playing skills and mastering your class. A clear no to Pay-to-Win?

You are allowed to cultivate and inhabit your own island. Source: Amazon Games That brings us to the Lost Ark payment model, which for many players is likely to be the biggest sticking point in the hack & slay hopefuls. In the Asian versions of the game, developer Smilegate RPG relies on a free-to-play model with a real money shop that offers not only cosmetics, but also playful advantages and progress accelerators. Lost Ark will also be playable for free in this country. Amazon was not yet ready to reveal whether the content that could be bought would be adapted for the western market. There will be various founder packages as well as certain services to buy, as an example the change of your name was mentioned here. We suspect: Amazon Games is either still undecided in which direction the payment model should go, or is planning to keep the buyable advantages of the Asian version. However, you can play Lost Ark without spending a cent.

The content available at the start of the game was also kept a low profile. Currently the Korean version gets new updates first, Russia's Lost Ark always follows with a little delay. However, Amazon plans to create a tie between the versions as soon as possible and is pointing to a roadmap that will be published soon.

Lost Ark will be released in autumn 2021 for PC (via Steam). Before that, open and closed test phases should follow - the first of them very soon!

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