A hacker attack hit the world's largest meat supplier

A hacker attack hit the world's largest meat supplier

A group of cybercriminals blocked several servers of the US company JBS, demanding a ransom. Possible links with Russia, as in the case of the Colonial Pipeline oil pipeline

(photo: Pixabay) After the case of the blockade of the Colonial Pipeline pipeline, another hacker attack hit a major US company. The largest beef and pork retailer in the world, JBS, saw many of their servers crashing in the US, Canada and Australia on Sunday due to outside interference.

The company announced on Monday that it had suspended all affected systems after detecting the breach. However, JBS specified that its backup servers were not hacked. The attack, from what emerged, would have been of the ransomware type. Hackers who entered JBS systems have interrupted operations and threatened to delete files and are demanding the payment of a ransom.

The White House also intervened in the affair, stating that the company believes that the attack originated from a criminal group probably based in Russia. "The White House is engaging directly with the Russian government on this issue," White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre added Tuesday, stressing however that a democratic state should not house cybercriminals. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told local media that the Biden administration has been in contact with Moscow to discuss the cyber attack. The FBI is also investigating the matter.

Computer systems such as Jbs's are essential in modern meat processing plants, and computers are used in multiple stages, including billing and shipping. This block, albeit in the process of being resolved, could lead to major problems in the supply of meat and the momentary increase in prices for consumers.

According to the commercial group Beef Central, “supermarkets and other large end users such as McDonald's burger supply network will be some of the customers most affected immediately, due to their need for constant supply ”. Jbs' five largest beef plants are in the United States, and closures have disrupted a fifth of meat production in the country, according to Bloomberg.

Last month, fuel supply in southeastern states Uniti was halted for several days after a ransomware attack targeted the Colonial Pipeline and its pipeline. Colonial Pipeline confirmed that it had paid a ransom of $ 4.4 million. In that case, investigators confirmed that the attack was linked to a group with links to Russia.

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