Up to 33% discounts on Cyberpunk 2077 action figures!

Up to 33% discounts on Cyberpunk 2077 action figures!

Once the typical Tech offers of the morning have been archived, we now want to inform you that in these hours on Just Geek it is possible to find the Cyberpunk 2077 action figures with discounts that come to lower prices by up to 33%! This promotion involves many characters seen in the game made by CD Projekt Red such as V, Johnny Silverhand and many other well-known faces of the title, making this initiative the perfect opportunity for all collectors of the franchise to complete, or start, their collection of figurines.

Despite being released in September last year, Cyberpunk 2077 has garnered a huge fan base since the announcement, and this collection of action figures is a perfect opportunity for fans, with plenty of faithful reproductions 18 cm high, with numerous articulated parts, support base and some accessories to complete the character, which can be yours for just € 13.82! We also point out the presence of a statue that portrays Johnny Silverhand 30 cm high, extremely detailed, represented in an extremely realistic pose, while he is intent on playing his legendary electric guitar, complete with a metal arm in plain sight.

In this selection that involves all the action figures, a selection of Funko Pop could not be missing! which always have the character of Keanu Reeves as protagonist, including that of his first appearance in the game's teaser trailer, kneeling while talking to the protagonist without sunglasses, available for only € 9.22.

In short , you will have understood that this Just Geek promotion contains numerous unmissable goodies for Cyberpunk 2077 fans, so our advice is as always to visit the appropriate promotion page, so as to find the perfect one for you.

We also remind you that in addition to this tempting initiative, on the Just Geek portal you can buy a preview of the new beautiful PlayStation Core clothing collection, which is scheduled to be released in June. Before leaving the virtual catalog of Just Geek, remember to subscribe to our four Telegram channels, respectively dedicated to offers, hardware & tech, clothing and sports and Chinese products, such as those of the Xiaomi, Redmi and Huawei brands. Happy shopping!

Our product selection

Action figure Johnny Silverhand - 18 cm | 13,84 € (20,82 €) Takemura action figure - 18 cm | 13,84 € (20,82 €) Action figure V man - 18 cm | 13,84 € (20,82 €) Action figure Johnny Silverhand with guitar - 18 cm | 13,84 € (20,82 €) Action figure Johnny Silverhand with guitar - 30 cm | 23,07 € (33,33 €) Funko Pop! John Silverhand with gun | € 9.22 (€ 10.82) Funko Pop! Johnny Silverhand kneeling | € 9.22 (€ 10.82)

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