The best superhero games from Marvel, DC and beyond

The best superhero games from Marvel, DC and beyond

The best superhero games from Marvel

For many years, superheroes have been a constant and not only in comic books. These demi-gods have invaded the world of cinema and have been able to carve out an ever larger space within the world of video games. If once we categorized them as simple "tie-ins", a term that players had rightly learned to fear, now the new superhero game of the moment is a full-fledged AAA, like original productions and great known sagas. Whether they are Marvel or DC, the most beloved heroes (and supervillains) in the world are now cleared to the general public and from year to year many video games dedicated to them come out.

So let's see which are the best superhero games of the past and present!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men - Origins: Wolverine X-Men - Origins: Wolverine is undoubtedly one of the worst Canadian mutant movies for protagonist, yet the tie-in developed by Raven Software is one of the most compelling superhero games. Incredible, right? A small distinction needs to be made, however. There are various versions of X-Men Origins, and we refer to the so-called Uncaged Edition for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, or the PEGI 18 with blood, guts and dismemberments. It may sound a little odd, but Wolverine has been slicing and has been slicing regularly for decades, so the sweetened editions for PlayStation 2 or Wii are the wrong ones. X-Men Origins is only vaguely inspired by the film of the same name, re-proposing themes and situations seen, more than anything else, in comics. It's a third-person action adventure along the lines of Devil May Cry, where the player directly controls Wolverine, of course, and faces off against hordes of enemies, including historical nemeses like Sabretooth or Colonel Stryker. James "Logan" Howlett fans liked it quite a bit, and it remains one of the best third-person action games of that time.

Top 10 best superhero games for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Superheroes are now more popular than ever, and the demand for superhero games on iOS and Android is high, so we came up with this list to help you out a bit!

As a kid, our primary concerns were which superhero was stronger or which one was our favourite, instead of the challenges we face today. Superheroes are still around, of course, and now in some of our favourite movies and comics as adults, too. While a lot of superhero games came out in the 80s, 90s, and beyond, a lot of them were used as a quick cash-in or half-effort reskin of another game. Some of the games we get these days are touch and go too, but for the most part, there are some really good, quality titles out there.

Whether you’re a fan of Marvel or DC or anything in-between, there’s a game out there that puts you in the brightly coloured boots of your favourite hero and challenges you to rid the world of the evil forces disrupting the peace. There’s plenty of genres to enjoy, ranging from action games to RPGs and even some puzzle games, too. Some of the blockbuster titles in video games even find their way to mobile devices eventually, offering a new host of players the opportunity to jump in.

Now that the thrill of playing as your favourite superhero is available to you on your mobile devices, you can take the thrill of fighting villainy everywhere you go. There’s a wide gamut of options, too, so it may be hard to figure out which one is actually worth your time. We’ve put together the best superhero games on iOS, so you can don your secret identity and save the world on your portable screen. Go to the App Store and download the one that you prefer!

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