Rhadamanthys Wyvern Myth Cloth OCE EX Metal: Review

Rhadamanthys Wyvern Myth Cloth OCE EX Metal: Review

Rhadamanthys Wyvern Myth Cloth OCE EX Metal

Directly from the underworld, Tamashii Nations thanks to the Italian distribution of Cosmic Group brings to our country Rhadamanthys Wyvern, the last of the Hades specters in the O.C.E. version. (Original Color Edition) for the Myth Cloth EX line taken from the famous anime series Saint Seiya - The Knights of the Zodiac. This is the second release of the EX Metal line which unlike the classic body type used up to now for the EX line (with classic joints) introduces the new ones in metal. The latter, in addition to having the technical function of bearing greater weight, also have an aesthetic function that serves to cover the gaps between the parts of the armor in the limbs.

The character

Rhadamanthys of Wyvern is one of the infamous "3 Judges of the Underworld", along with Minos Griffon and Aiacos Garuda and is the Specter of the Furious Sky Star. Rhadamanthys is undoubtedly one of the most respected warriors in the army of Hades and his skills are even comparable to those of Athena's Golden Knights. The specter is the first Giant of the underworld to appear in the Hades saga, in fact it is to him and Pandora that the God of the Underworld has entrusted the task of attacking the Sanctuary of Athena to kill her. A very fearsome and shrewd warrior, he always manages to foresee the rebellion attempts of both the resurrected Gold Saints and those of Orpheo.

The representative animal of the specter when not wearing the surplice is that of the Wyvern. Wyverns are winged dragons of different sizes, they have only two legs in diversity of the western dragon which always has four and are always considered more despicable. Another feature that differentiates them from dragons is the smaller number of scales which gives them a more filed appearance.

Packaging and Blister

The packaging of Rhadamanthys is in perfect line Myth Cloth EX and is conceived from a glossy cardboard decorated on all sides. Starting from the title page we find the image of the specter in life size and at the extreme margins are placed the various logos of the company and of the Myth Cloth EX line including the logo of the anime Saint Seiya The Hades Chapter Sanctuary, the Tamashii quality holographic stamp that certifies the original product, the new Ex Metal logo (which identifies the type of the new body), the Tamashii Web Exclusive one, concluding at the bottom right with Tamashii Nations and Bandai Spirits logos. On the two sides we find the first floor of Rhadamanthys on one side and the armor made up of totems on the other. On the back we find a collage of official photos among which we can identify the various faces included in the blisters.

There are three blisters, with the various pieces meticulously ordered and arranged, but let's start with order starting from the first:

Main body Shoulder pads Forearms Bracelets Leg pads Knee pads Greaves Cover backs of the hands In the second blister and carefully arranged in the plastic cavities we find:

Skeleton of the totem Rear part of the helmet with the tail Cover abdomen Skirt Various alternative hands Front part of the helmet In the third and last blister we find:

Alternative faces The wings Base for fixing the totem

The Wyvern Totem

Like the good and dear old manual teaches us, let's proceed with the assembly of the totem taking all the necessary precautions to avoid accidental breakage. The assembly was quite simple, the part that put me a bit of difficulty was only that of hooking the legs of the Wyvern to the body, but with a little patience I was able to assemble everything without subsequent hitches. Once assembled, the totem is hooked onto a base and for safety it has an additional pin that is fixed on the body, in order to avoid any kind of sudden movement from detaching and falling apart.

Rhadamanthys Wyvern Myth Cloth OCE - Ex Metal

The figure is very simple to assemble and for the more experienced you can certainly perform this procedure even without the help of the booklet. The structure of the figure is very robust and the armor is full of metal elements, the painting is something superlative and we can finally appreciate the coloring of the surplice with the purple hues that distinguish it in the manga. With the new ex metal body, the final aesthetic result is truly convincing, thanks to the new joints which, in addition to being more resistant, are able to standardize cloth and body like never seen before. In addition to the hands there are no effects as happened with the old edition of Rhadamanthys EX therefore we have to be satisfied with the remarkable set of hands and faces that Tamashii Nations has provided us. Rhadamanthys Wyvern is a truly fabulous Myth Cloth EX, posability is remarkable without needing a stage act except for super extreme action poses or those in flight. From the sculpt point of view, we found no difference with the old product except for the coloring: the wings can open outwards, fold backwards and rotate around a vertical axis. Despite the somewhat bulky shape of the shoulder pads, with a little patience they can be positioned in the desired shape. As for the coloring, there are some details to observe: the creative team, rather than relying on the manga, was inspired by the character design of the character that appeared in the video game for PS4 which has the same color conformation.

Our video review


We are faced with a Myth with almost non-existent defects, with a very solid structure, a perfectly made paint and a good posability . Conceptually we are a big step forward to the standards of the EX line as regards the posability of the figures thanks to the metal joints that allow a truly crazy stability and posability. The EX Metal line must be used for creative installation and this is where it excels. The aesthetic effect is certainly impressive and the colors catch the eye much more than the EX version released in 2014, making it much more faithful to the anime version than to that of the manga. We already know that the Japanese company also intends to produce the O.C.E. by Minos and Garuda, after showing us the prototypes during the Tamashii event of the past months, hoping to have them in our hands as soon as possible since this 2021 is full of reprints.

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