Review: These are the hottest topics of the 14th calendar week 2021 on Videogameszone

Review: These are the hottest topics of the 14th calendar week 2021 on Videogameszone


Also in the week of 04.04. Until April 11th, 2021 many articles worth reading have been published, which we have put together for you. The selection is made automatically by the system based on the number of hits, so it is not influenced by the editorial team. So you won't miss a hot topic:


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Loki: New trailer with scenes from the MCU series for Disney + (video)

In the same period, of course, news appeared that were also discussed in the community (110 news with 47 Coming ntaren). The most read news in the past week:


Mario Kart 7: Tips and abbreviations, Thorsten Küchler flips through the play3 issue 0512 and much more. - The most popular videos of the day


Review: These are the hottest topics of the 14th calendar week 2021 on Videogameszone (3 comments)

Wellsville’s Hammond Park looks to serve community

This softball field in Hammond Park hosts the Wellsville Tigers with a concession stand nearby.

WELLSVILLE — The village has a hidden jewel that is often overlooked due to its location off the beaten path.

There are plenty of beautiful places within Wellsville that draw attention from the village’s entrance along the scenic side of the Ohio River to its flood walls and the lovely islands of sort that grace the Broadway area. However, the rolling hills leading up to Wellsville Hammond Park provide some of the most tranquil places of all.

Park caretaker Gerald Walker Jr. lives adjacent to the park, which is located off 10th Street Extension on Hammond Park Drive. He explained recently that Henry C. Hammond, who was a local farmer related to the people behind nearby Spring Hill Cemetery, had deeded 26 acres for establishment of the park in 1924 with the caveat that if the city fails to use the land for park purposes it would default back to him or his heirs.

Walker said that only Hammond’s heirs are allowed to change the rules for the park, and his heirs are few and far between.

Hammond Park currently has fields for high school baseball and softball, a basketball court, two pavilions and a playground. “I want to add a dog park eventually, but I am trying to raise funds for one. I also would like to add concerts (to our offerings), as our parking capacity is 300 cars. It would be nice and spread out especially due to COVID,” Walker said.

Councilwoman Karen Dash is on the park commission, which is in the process of rebuilding. None of the members receive compensation during their five-year terms. She also shared some of the history behind Hammond Park, which has not hosted “organized games of baseball, football or any games or sports … on Sunday.”

Recently village council accepted school board member John Richard Morrow to the park board and has attempted to fill some other vacant seats.

Walker said the pavilions have electricity and the park is open 9 a.m. to dusk seven days a week. There are no cost to use the park or its facilities; however, reservations are required with Jennifer Soldano at 330-532-2524 at extension 10.

Community events like an Easter egg hunt and haunted trail are hosted at the park.

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