Lust from Beyond: Lovecraft horror meets cheap erotic

Lust from Beyond: Lovecraft horror meets cheap erotic

Lust from Beyond

Almost hectically, I let my eyes wander around the room. Just don't make any noise, just don't attract any attention. Carefully, cautiously, almost like a snail, I creep forward piece by piece. My heart is beating I hold my breath. Just a few more meters uuuuuuand ... I've been discovered.

"What are you playing there, porn?" Loud laughter echoes through the open-plan office. I sink into the ground in shame. How did I please not see the curious colleague coming? "I, I have to do this for work!" I mumble, embarrassed, in my beard, while I frantically press the escape key to cover the bare breasts on the screen with the pause menu. Somehow it feels like back then, when Mutti with raised eyebrows wanted to know how the illegally burned DVD of "Pulp Fickschön" ended up in the drive of the family computer *. Games editor is sometimes really not a nice job.

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Table of contents

1 Too cool for Germany 2 Why do you have a mask on? 3 Fuck as QTE 4 The weirdest boner

Too cool for Germany

Especially not when you are condemned by the executive suite to test titles like Lust from Beyond - a "game" that is so lousy that it was directly withheld from German Steam users. Or so. Perhaps it is also because Valve has made it into its head since December 2020 to block all "adult-only" content through a region lock in the in-house store. When the developers of Movie Games try, as in the predecessor Lust for Darkness (buy now € 3.75), to conjure up a creepy-awesome gaming experience that uses elements from the works of H.P. Lovecraft and H.R. Giger mixed with a good pinch of eroticism, so you won't find anything about it in this country. Cthulhu in sexy - of course you can't put that in front of the honest bratwurst Bavarian.

Naked skin and occult rituals: That is the selling point of Lust from Beyond. Source: PC Games The game has one thing, one can confidently anticipate that, nothing more to show than a visit to the city sauna: naked, shiny and misshapen bodies that haunt you into your nightmares. Dead, motionless eyes that stare deep into your soul and ask: Why are you doing this to yourself? With all that, Lust from Beyond has at least the decency to offer you an optional censorship. Then you don't have to look at Lovecraft-Lümmel or Giger-G-spots in detail, but only get to see blurry pixel pulp. What a blessing.

Why are you wearing a mask?

Unfortunately, you have to endure all the rest of the game unfiltered: Lust from Beyond doesn't just consist of naked bodies, even if they make up the majority of the gaming experience. On the side they also want to offer you a little history - as it should be for really good porn. Unfortunately, the makers never get above the level of "Why is there straw lying around here?" In addition: You play Victor Holloway, an uptight antiquarian who gets a little too rough during bondage sex with his girlfriend and therefore has to seek psychological treatment. Of course, that only works with the oldest, most dubious head plumber in the most battered town in all of America. And of course our poor hero is drawn into an occult, mask-wearing secret organization that wants to open the gates to Lusst'ghaa through ritual pack booms - the realm of eternal ecstasy.

Wait a minute, eternal ecstasy? Is it finally getting cool now? Nope, of course not! Instead of pimper's paradise, Lusst'ghaa is a single nightmare made of slippery mass and disfigured demonic creatures that could have come straight from the trash can of the local fish factory. A real kickstand killer that lets your hand wander out of your pants back to the keyboard in a flash.

When it comes to level design, the creators of H.R. Get inspiration from Giger. In some places, Lust from Beyond is a bit reminiscent of the horror adventure Scorn. Source: PC Games

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Super Seducer 3 has to postpone his seduction attempts for the time being. Steam banned and removed the game from the store without further ado. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1370692,1369511,1366017,1368983'; In a way, you can already compliment the creators here: Yes, Lust from Beyond can even be really disgusting with its meaty, fibrous level design! Only horror unfortunately never really wants to arise, at most frustration and despair. The excursions to Lusst'ghaa playfully awaken traumatic memories of the total failure of Agony. You step through confusing hell labyrinths, press a few switches here and there or solve the simplest puzzles. Why? No idea. It is better not to look for meaning here, just as little for variety in play.

There are also a few puzzles awaiting you in the game. So make sure that not all of your blood migrates from the brain to the lumbar region. Source: PC Games To put it in general terms: there is very little horror in a self-proclaimed horror game. Neither when you're sneaking through an abandoned hotel, in which some idiot has scattered broken plates all over the hall, nor when you have to flee from a few topless cult members over the rooftops of the city. It's a shame, because movie games try so hard! The Polish studio has only built in the very best gameplay and horror mechanics: for example, escape sequences with trial & error that you have to play over and over again. Or a mechanism that reflects your constant slipping into madness by suddenly reversing your keystrokes when you are in poor mental health and making the screen shake and flicker as if you had consumed three per thousand.

Fuck als QTE

It quickly becomes apparent that the gameplay here has more of an alibi function. Accordingly, the occasional collectibles, health boosts or terribly clumsy gun battles are no longer worth mentioning. They only seem to be there to really sell Lust from Beyond as a game, to be able to show interested parties: Hey guys, there are breasts to be seen here! But with us you don't have to unlock it with a round of poker or breakout, you can even get something "real" to play.

The main selling point is and remains very clear: nudity. And there is more than enough of that in Lust from Beyond. Sometimes it almost seems as if the developers wanted to rub the virtual genitals in your face. If that's your fetish, okay. Otherwise, the explicit profanity quickly loses its appeal and is just annoying. Already within the first few minutes of the game, which take you into an old mansion, you have already seen enough: The walls are lined with nude pictures, your roommates unabashedly do it on the dining room table and of course there is a pocket pussy in the bedside cabinet. The design process of Lust from Beyond must have gone something like this:

Level Designer: “How much nudity do you want?”

Executive floor: “Yes!”

In the later course of the game you can look forward to a shepherd's hour disguised as a quick-time event (a quickie-time event?) And let a wrinkled old man blow you - in many ways a pretty negative climax.

Sex as a quick-time event: The developers of Movie Games Lunarium know what gamers enjoy! Source: PC Games

The weirdest boner

Especially since Lust From Beyond is not even nice to look at. Animations, character models, and textures all look totally out of date. The poor optimization leads to regular loading times and frame drops even on good PCs. Especially when you turn the camera quickly, the title can turn into a flip book. In addition, there is the English setting, which sometimes sounds worse than my first attempts at walking on the PCGames YouTube channel (here is a small sample). The stupid, listlessly presented Cringe dialogues make all the characters completely unsympathetic without exception. But that could also be due to the fact that Movie Games does not leave out a single cliché in their design and pulls every stereotype through the picture from the horny nerd to the femme fatale.

This left thigh does not look healthy! The character models in Lust from Beyond are pretty lousy. Source: PC Games So what's left after eleven hours of gaming? The feeling of being really shocked or at least a little aroused? Certainly not. At most, the vague feeling of having wasted a lot of life. Sure, in the genre of adult-only games there are far more brazen representatives than Lust from Beyond, which pull a lot more money out of your pocket for much less. If you are looking for a well-made game with erotic elements, you will definitely find better things in the depths of the Internet ...

(* Author's note: this scene is of course fictitious and never happened)

My opinion

by David Benke


[email protected] "Save your time, prefer to watch sexy sports clips ..." Let's put it in the opinion box All cynicism aside: Please, save time and money, do NOT buy Lust from Beyond! At least not if you hope that the developers will really present you with a successful mix of Lovecraft horror and sparkling eroticism. Movie Games has definitely come a little closer to this goal than in the predecessor Lust for Darkness. However, the title often still seems like a patchwork of individual parts that simply don't want to fit together and the technical implementation of which is not particularly successful. Nevertheless, the game should not be dismissed as an absolute total failure. Here and there Lust from Beyond actually unfolds its effect: it is always enough for a round of foreign shame or a good evening of trash. jsIvwCode = 'g_vgz_ArticlePage_ImageCarousel_Games', iSiteId = '260', adblockLink = "/ E-Commerce-Topic-223039 / News / best-deals-offers-gaming-games-1369151 /", adblockLinkText = "Bargain • Free: Alien Isolation & Hands of Fate 2 • SanDisk Ultra 3D NVMe 1 TB 88 € • NieR Replicant Remake PC 46.99 € • Skyrim Special Edition 18.99 € • GP Spring Sale (including Fallout 3 GOTY 3.99 €) • Nintendo Switch Lite + Monster Hunter Rise or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe € 219.99 [advertising] "; Picture gallery (enlarge view for sources) The gallery will be downloaded ...

imageList13706920 = [{"IMGPOS": 1, "URL": "/ screenshots / 970x546 / 2021/04 / Lust-from-Beyond -Screenshot-1-buffed.jpg "," ID ":" 3499236 "," TITLE ":" Lust from Beyond: The erotic-horror mix in the test. [Source: Movie Games Lunarium] "}, {" IMGPOS " : 2, "URL": "/ screenshots / 970x546 / 2021/04 / Lust-from-Beyond-Screenshot-3-buffed.jpg", "ID": "3499234", "TITLE": "Lust from Beyond: The Erotic-horror mix in the test. (2) [Source: Movie Games Lunarium] "}, {" IMGPOS ": 3," URL ":" / screenshots / 970x546 / 2021/04 / Lust-from-Beyond-Screenshot- 4-buffed.png "," ID ":" 3499233 "," TITLE ":" In the last chapters Lust from Beyond puts a revolver in your hand again. But shooting is just as unsatisfactory as fucking. [Source: PC Games] "}, {" IMGPOS ": 4," URL ":" / screenshots / 970x546 / 2021/04 / Lust-from-Beyond-Screenshot-5-buffed.png "," ID ":" 3499232 "," TITLE ":" That left thigh doesn't look healthy! The characters in Lust from Beyo nd are pretty lousy. [Source: PC Games] "}, {" IMGPOS ": 5," URL ":" / screenshots / 970x546 / 2021/04 / Lust-from-Beyond-Screenshot-6-buffed.png "," ID ":" 3499231 "," TITLE ":" Here and there you have to sneak past opponents. It doesn't matter whether you hold a brightly shining lantern in your hand. [Source: PC Games] "}, {" URL ":" "," ID ":" 2 "," TITLE ":" Advertisement "}, {" IMGPOS ": 6," URL ":" / screenshots / 970x546 /2021/04/Lust-from-Beyond-Screenshot-7-buffed.png","ID":"3499230","TITLE":"In the game there are also a few puzzles waiting for you. So make sure that not all of your blood migrates from the brain to the lumbar region. [Source: PC Games] "}, {" IMGPOS ": 7," URL ":" / screenshots / 970x546 / 2021/04 / Lust-from-Beyond-Screenshot-9-buffed.png "," ID ":" 3499228 "," TITLE ":" Bare skin and occult rituals: That is the selling point of Lust from Beyond. [Source: PC Games] "}, {" IMGPOS ": 8," URL ":" / screenshots / 970x546 / 2021/04 / Lust-from-Beyond-Screenshot-10-buffed.png "," ID ":" 3499227 "," TITLE ":" Sex as a quick-time event: the developers of Movie Games Lunarium know what gamers enjoy! [Source: PC Games] "}, {" IMGPOS ": 9," URL ":" / screenshots / 970x546 / 2021/04 / Lust-from-Beyond-Screenshot-11-buffed.png "," ID ":" 3499226 "," TITLE ":" The creators of HR Get inspiration from Giger. In some places, Lust from Beyond is a bit reminiscent of the horror adventure Scorn. [Source: PC Games] "}, {" URL ":" "," ID ": 1," TITLE ":" More galleries "}];.

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