Lord of the Rings themed T-shirt at a discounted price for a few hours on TeeTee!

Lord of the Rings themed T-shirt at a discounted price for a few hours on TeeTee!

Fans of the Attack of the Giants, on the TeeTee store a new exclusive graphics perfect for all fans of the famous series is available for a few hours. This t-shirt can be yours for only € 12.00 (+ € 3 shipping) and represents Sauron, the Dark Lord and a large part of his army, complete with Nazgul and tower with the terrible eye of fire, and all the shapes form the face of the terrible villain. In addition, in the background you can also see the famous fire writing of the ring, i nsomma, a shirt that all fans of Tolkien's book will surely appreciate, and that can become a nice gift idea.

We remind you TeeTee is the first completely Italian portal that since 2013 has been dealing with printing and sending all over the world graphics created by its selection of talented artists who always ride recent fashions inspired by world of cinema, TV series and Pop culture in general.

On TeeTee it is also possible to apply this exclusive graphic on sweatshirts and tank tops, with models for men, women and even for children, with sizes ranging from S and up to XXL, while as regards the color of today's t-shirt the only color available is black, to better integrate with the red and blue hues of the graphics.

Read also: The "Lord of the Rings" clothing line is here on Zavvi! The saga of The Lord of the Rings, in addition to being a series of books, has conquered the cinema with two trilogies, one in 2001 that tells the main facts of the Fellowship of the Ring, and a prequel story that began in 2012 that is based on the events by Bilbo Baggins. Then in 2021 the series will approach Prime Video with a TV series, which will aim to narrate the events of the Second Era from the founding of Númenor, the ancestor kingdom of Gondor and Arnor, passing through the forging of the Rings of power and finally to the Battle of the Last Alliance, thus linking back to the movies.

Given the possibilities that TeeTee allows, we recommend that you visit the promotion page in order to find the perfect customization method based on to your needs. The last thing before letting you go to the TeeTee store is to remind you to subscribe to our four Telegram channels, respectively dedicated to offers, hardware & tech, clothing and sports and Chinese products, such as those of the Xiaomi, Redmi and Huawei. Happy shopping!

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