CoD: Warzone, the zombie threat is at 66%, containment protocols have started

CoD: Warzone, the zombie threat is at 66%, containment protocols have started


Something big is happening in Call of Duty: Warzone right now. Activision Blizzard has started a series of events that will heavily change the map of the game, it is not known yet until when. All this is justified through an "undead" threat that is putting Verdansk in danger. This situation is at 66% and has triggered all the island's containment protocols.

Let's find out from the official communication to all the soldiers on the island what is going to happen:


To all Operators in Verdansk

We want to personally assure you that all those still fighting for Armistice - the great Armistice rising from their ashes like the phoenix - can put aside containment attempts to continue with Operation Clean Cut.

According to recent models, the situation is completely under control and relevant to our protocol, and we would like to clarify the discoveries made in the past six weeks regarding this alleged "undead" threat:

Central command has received a large number of reports from field operators, particularly in the past 24 hours, which raise concerns about the acc accuracy of the Verdansk contamination level. We assure you that the estimated threat, and the physical manifestation of it, continue to be at perfectly manageable levels. Without a complete picture, individual sightings of this so-called "zombie" activity by Field Operators continue to be speculative and anecdotal.

We are gathered at the time of this message to check this data again, but at the moment these are the instructions:

We have updated the Verdansk contamination level to 66%. While this seems potentially worrying, we assure you that this refers to the presence of toxic materials, and not complete contamination. Although active contamination zones, such as BCH4 TV Station last week, featured high levels of this material, former areas such as the Financial District two weeks ago are completely free of contaminants and therefore it is possible to conduct missions in complete safety. .

This 66% update is also in line with the contagion alert issued by the Emergency Transmission System within the western sector of Verdansk below the Airport area. According to the central command, the situation appears to be concentrated within the now abandoned Atlas trading facility within the region.

Similar to previous communications, we are aware that numerous forms of this force have manifested hostile, and must be neutralized immediately. We will not grant any demerits to anyone who decides to avoid the area, but we encourage you to make every effort to contain the threat in this area.

Above all, I insist on making sure that the situation is completely under control.

This anomaly will be defeated, just like the October nightmares, and the dissolution of Armistice before them. Once again, let us join forces to overcome this new threat, reviving the alliance that once empowered us.

What's happening at Warzone? Don't hesitate. Hold your position.

We invite you to stay alert and complete the mission.

FROM A FIELD OPERATOR [[OMISSIS]]: The situation is really [[OMISSIS]]. If you were wondering who was still fighting for Armistice after its dissolution, or at least what values ​​he embodied, use today to plan our evacuation. Instantly.

VICE COMMISSIONER NOTE: remove the previous errors in the percentages and references to the date of publication of the now obsolete model, as well as the disparaging language of the letter from the Deputy Commander. To be re-submitted after today's meeting regarding the third phase of the containment protocol. Not. Cause. Other. Panic.

What do you think?

Have you noticed any errors?

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 3 With New Gun Teased With Cryptic Images

Activision has begun to tease the next season for Call of Duty: Mobile. Across a pair of tweets, the developer confirmed that a new pistol is coming to Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 3, while what looks like a new map is coming as well, based on the teaser.

CharlieIntel said the new pistol is the Renetti from Modern Warfare. The pistol is very powerful, as it can take down enemies with four body shots in Modern Warfare. It remains to be seen if it will be changed at all for CoD: Mobile, if it is indeed coming to the game.

As for the new map, you can check out the teaser image below and the flythrough video further down the page. It looks like a classic Call of Duty map, featuring interior and exterior lanes that can suit a number of different play styles.

Call of Duty: Mobile is currently in the midst of Season 2: Day of Reckoning, but based on these teasers, it appears Activision is going to mix things up and launch the new season relatively soon.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are also currently in Season 2. The in-game timer suggests the season will end this month, and it could be a dramatic occasion for the game. The popular rumor is that Activision will blow up the map and re-launch the game with an '80s theme based on Black Ops Cold War.

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