World of Warships: Legends: the new Russian and British cruisers shown in video

World of Warships: Legends: the new Russian and British cruisers shown in video

World of Warships

The March update of World of Warships: Legends is coming to PS4 and Xbox One. This update will introduce Russian and British cruisers, new Ranked Battles and Seasonal Events. A new video released by Wargaming shows all the main news of this update.

The featured campaign for the March update is "Taken By Storm", which will pay off players' efforts with the Russian cruiser of Tier VII Ochakov. Named after the Russian victory at the Ochakov fortress that took place a long time ago, this light and compact cruiser is meant to play many roles. While not distinguished by firepower, Ochakov's 6-inch (152mm) guns have excellent ballistics, improved armor, and reload speed. In addition, it is equipped with Radar, Sonar and long-range missiles.

Taken by Storm will be available for five weeks, with 100 levels to be reached by completing missions in battle: captains will even be able to obtain Steel Coats of Arms by reaching the maximum rank. Legendary ships can now be used to complete certain missions and continue the campaign. Earning the Admiral's trust is key to receiving this multi-role ship.

With the exit from Early Access, the British heavy cruiser line is now available to all. These cruisers are well-equipped, consisting of cannons that can hit enemy ships hard, single-launch torpedoes, powerful heal and sonar. The Albemarle, Tier VII cruiser, possesses all these items and in addition also a radar. The only obstacles are cannon range and maneuverability, but the new ships are still ready to find a home in the waters of World of Warships: Legends.

Two new legendary ship projects begin with this update: one for the American destroyer Gearing, who brings her six 5-inch (127mm) guns and long-range torpedoes to Legendary Battles; one for the British battleship Conqueror, which sails a monstrous salvo from twelve guns equipped with high-explosive or short-fusion armor-piercing shells. Players can start searching for these ships along with the other legendary tier ships in the Research Bureau.

British cruisers are at the heart of the World of Warships: Legends update. St. Patrick's Day is around the corner and something special has been prepared for the occasion! Players can get their hands on cruiser Belfast, as well as a multitude of St. Patrick's Day treats in the Pot of Gold, a container that guarantees doubloons and camouflages, including a very green one for Belfast!

In This update, Ranked Battles return for two weekends with rule changes. Instead of lasting for several weeks, this Ranked Battles set consists of two sprints in 5v5 matches with 7 ranks. The first prize in Ranked Battles is a stack of 700 Steel Badges per season! For captains looking for Crests of Steel, Ranked Battles are one of the best ways to obtain them.

There are a few small additions to the World of Warships: Legends roster, such as the new destroyer commander Albert Gleaves . Gleaves specializes in torpedo armament and is capable of offering a major advantage to high-tier ships in the USN fleet.

Keep an eye on events, there may be a special space to shuffle the cards in sight of April fools!

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Wargaming has a new offer to any would-be admirals hoping to make a name for themselves on the high seas. If you’ve fancied jumping aboard the free-to-play naval warfare MMO World of Warships, and find the idea of blowing up enemy combatants in historically-reverent ships of the early 20th Century quite enticing, now might be the time to give it a try. Sign up for a World of Warships account using this promo link and earn some tasty free rewards.

Signing up for an account is free and will hand you a nice haul of goodies to kickstart your aquatic domination. Among these is the German dreadnought König Albert. A Tier III battleship packing thick side armour, high hit points, and an excellent top speed, the König Albert’s formidable survivability is well-suited to new players in need of some hand-holding, while its mean firepower will have you sinking ships of a similar calibre with ease.

Even better, the battleship is no longer available to purchase in-game, adding a little exclusivity to your burgeoning naval operations.

You’ll also receive 1000 doubloons, the game’s premium currency that can be used for all manner of purchases: premium ships, new camouflages, and retraining your ships’ Commanders. Your account will also be granted seven days of premium access, giving you more XP and credits with each battle, and enabling you to more quickly move up the ranks and earn additional unlocks.

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The offer is only available to new players, so anyone already with a World of Warships account will unfortunately be unable to take advantage of the freebies. The offer will be live until December 31.

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And if you really want an edge over your opponents, read our guide to the best World of Warships mods. Whether its additional crosshairs, to overhauled info panels, to advanced minimaps, and beyond, there’re many straightforward, but powerful, means of optimising your naval warfare.

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