Twitter has been fighting misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines

Twitter has been fighting misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines

The social network has launched a new system of labels and warnings to combat fake news on vaccines, in the most delicate moment of the pandemic. Each new label corresponds to a warning, and each warning has its punishment (which can go as far as banning)

The new labels approved by the social network (image: Twitter) Twitter has announced that it will start tagging the tweets they share misinformation on Covid-19 vaccines. As has already happened in other fields, also in this case the social network will include a label under the tweet in question, including a link to verified information from official sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Organization. world health care. However, Twitter has added a new feature to further discourage the dissemination of false or misleading news: a user can be called up to a maximum of 5 times; at the fifth strike Twitter will decide whether to block or permanently suspend the offender's account.

The new labels will appear under the tweets deemed misleading or repeatedly reported on the portal; within them they will explain that the tweet violates the rules of the platform and will show the verified information regarding the very delicate topic of vaccinations. Twitter explained that these labels will appear under the posts identified thanks to a combination of automated review systems entrusted to real-life moderators.

Twitter will typically report posts that share misinformation about the nature of the virus, the effectiveness of treatments and countermeasures applied, or that share false and misleading information about health or risk regulations, restrictions and advice. infection or death. Finally, the social network will report the information that comes from those who pretend to be a doctor or a public health official despite having no expertise in the matter and not covering any role.

These new labels, it was said, will also exploit a new strike system to try to stem disinformation as much as possible. Whenever Twitter labels a potentially misinforming tweet, the user who posted or retweeted it, will receive a warning. If the tweet contained information that was immediately dangerous to people's health, Twitter said it could decide to remove the post. In this case the action would count as a double warning.

For each strike received starting from the second, Twitter will apply to the user an increasingly severe punishment: two and three strikes will cause an account block of 12 hours, with four strikes the account blocking increases to 7 days and with five or more strikes the user will incur a permanent suspension.

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