The Tokyo Olympic Games will officially begin on 23 July

The Tokyo Olympic Games will officially begin on 23 July

The Japanese authorities have done everything to prevent the Olympics from being postponed again, after having had to interrupt the inauguration, scheduled for last year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

(Photo: Charly Triballeau / Getty Images) Despite the persistence of the pandemic, the countdown to the inauguration of the Tokyo Olympic Games has begun. The Olympic torch has begun its 120-day march through 859 stages, which will culminate with the arrival in the Japanese capital and the inauguration ceremony on 23 July. Expected in 2020, the games have been postponed to this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Japanese authorities have done everything possible to avoid further delays.

The torch started from Fukushima prefecture , explained the head of the Olympic Committee Seiko Hashimoto, to honor the 18 thousand victims of the 2011 tsunami and the nuclear disaster that ensued, underlining the country's commitment to return those areas to normal. The more than 10 thousand torch bearers will then cross all the other 47 Japanese prefectures, in the next four months, with no public to welcome them on the streets, in line with the anti-covid provisions imposed by the authorities to guarantee a "safe and secure" event. Large gatherings were obviously prohibited, but also screams, shouts of encouragement and cheering for the duration of the games, spectators and spectators will be able to watch the march of the Olympic torch and sports competitions only respecting social distancing and protected by masks.

In addition to the delays due to the pandemic, the Olympic committee has created further problems on its own in recent months. Indeed, between February and March, former head of the Olympic committee Yoshiro Mori and then the creative director responsible for the opening and closing ceremonies of the games Hiroshi Sasaki resigned from their roles after making sexist statements. In particular, Sasaki was guilty of body shaming, against a Japanese performer, while Mori was able to ask that the interventions of women at the meetings of the Olympic committee be reduced, because they "talk too much" and "have difficulty in concluding, which is annoying ". Despite these problems, which have generated a strong reaction from world and Japanese public opinion, the preparatory work for the 2021 Olympics has managed to move forward.

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