The car used in the film Dredd is on sale for 25 thousand dollars

The car used in the film Dredd is on sale for 25 thousand dollars

The car that Judge Dredd used to get around Megacity costs only $ 25,000. But underneath it is just an old refurbished Land Rover truck

photo credit: Craigslist The iconic cars used in science fiction films have often contributed to the success of the film, becoming over the years "fetishes" highly sought after by fans but also by the world auctions. Like Tim Burton's Batman vehicles. Another car that has certainly not gone unnoticed by fans of the genre is the one used by Judge Dredd in the film that is known in Italy by the title: Dredd - The Law is me (Judge Dredd in America). It is a moderately successful 1995 film starring Sylvester Stallone, based on the comic book character of the same name created in 1977 by Danny Cannon. Well, today the car that Dredd used to roam the dystopian Megacity is on sale. And it's not expensive either, as it only takes $ 25,000 to take it home.

The rear of the vehicle - photo credit: Craigslist The aesthetic is the result of a strange mix between a Hammer, a Tesla Cybetruck and a Karlmann King, the over 3 million euro SUV built by a recently bankrupt Italian company. Obviously, however, this is not a vehicle that was born like this, but a stage vehicle built on the basis of the 1970s military truck Land Rover 101 FC on which a composite bodywork was applied.

The interiors of the vehicle - photo credit: Craigslist Listed for sale on Craigslist in Dallas, Texas, the 101 FC in question has undergone a complete makeover, especially as regards the exterior. Overall, according to the Road and Track website, 2699 Land Rover 101 FCs were built, and the one for sale is one of the (well) 33 used for the film. The seller ensures that the vehicle is fully functional. Despite its futuristic appearance, it therefore remains basically a truck with rather dated technical characteristics; to push it we find in fact the Rover V8 engine from 3.5 liters. So no electric unit, as the film suggested. And the interior is also absolutely simple and spartan, with the driving position on the right.

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