Solasta: BG3 competitor lets you create your own dungeons

Solasta: BG3 competitor lets you create your own dungeons


What if the single-player adventure of a new RPG is over? Do you dedicate yourself to a new game or do you try your hand at the RPG again, this time with different decisions and a higher level of difficulty? Solasta: Crown of the Magister gives you a tool with which the community can ensure constant content replenishment.

Build your own D&D dungeons

In the role-playing game Solasta: Crown of the Magister focuses on dungeons. These are full of traps, puzzles and monsters and you have to be very tactical to master the challenges. You can create exactly such dungeons yourself with the "Dungeon Maker" tool and then share them with the D&D role-playing game community.

"Since Solasta was announced, we have had players who have asked us:" Can we create our own adventures inside Solasta? ”That was a very important thought because this type of game is where people want to have the tabletop experience, so we thought about that and it was complicated to make our development environment available to users We use Unity. With that and all of our tools, developing is a full time job. There are people in the industry who can use it. But it would be just too hard, too frustrating and too cumbersome to use for everyone else, "explains Mathieu Girard, founder of the developer studio.

"We put the idea aside and said we didn't have time and we were hoping that maybe the modders could" hack "into the game to do it themselves. Then again I thought that maybe we could but could do something. So I spent my Christmas vacation trying to find a solution and built a quick prototype. The idea is to build a very simple editor. The big reference for us is Lego. You just drag and drop bricks and connects them. Since the editor is inside the game, you don't have to download an SDK or texture sets or do complex scripting as everything is based on visual scripting. "

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Solasta Dungeon Maker Beta Coming Soon

The Solasta Dungeon Maker has been unveiled by Tactical Adventures — soon, it will allow you to make your very own dungeons for Solasta: Crown of the Magister.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister is a CRPG very much in the style of Dungeons & Dragons (and its associated video games, natch). While it provides the same style of gameplay, it's set in its own original universe — certainly an impressive feat for indie developer Tactical Adventures.

The game has been happily chugging along in Steam Early Access since late last year. There's already a lot of content to enjoy, but the developers are keen on adding some value to the game by letting you make your own content, too: you'll soon be able to make your own maps with the Solasta Dungeon Maker.

Solasta Dungeon Maker slice

The Solasta Dungeon Maker will soon give players the opportunity to make their own maps. Unfortunately, it will be a bit barebones when it launches in beta.

'We're very happy to present to you the Dungeon Maker tool as we have always wanted to provide modding tools to the community,' Tactical Adventures said in a new Dev Diary. 'So far, we were unable to commit to it because the tools would either be too complex to use or it would take too much time for us to make.'

'Instead, we've decided to start small and grow from there — the Dungeon Maker will be in a beta state when Solasta launches later this year and will feature an experience mostly similar to board games at first. We plan to improve it post-launch by adding more features such as other environments, but also more opens like adding a quest system, merchants, and ways to export your characters after completing a dungeon to use them in another user-generated campaign later.'

Quite a few CRPGS over the years have had the ability to create user-generated content; one of the more famous examples is probably the Neverwinter Nights franchise. Solasta: Crown of the Magister seeks to equip its community to do the same.

The beta version of the Solasta Dungeon Maker will be a good start, but some features aren't likely to be released at all. The associated Steam Community news post notes that the Dungeon Maker won't be able to import custom monsters or items into the game, although Tactical Adventures expects talented modders will likely create tools of their own to supplement the Dungeon Maker.

You can look forward to using the Solasta Dungeon Maker sometime soon; Tactical Adventures has not yet provided a specific release date for the beta. In the meantime, you can buy Solasta: Crown of the Magister in Steam Early Access starting at $34.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the Solasta Dungeon Maker? What features would you like to see in this game's official modding tools? Let us know in the comments below!

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